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miniPrevail® TWIN Bracket System

A true miniature twin bracket system that incorporates all the benefits of a larger bracket.

Made in the U.S.A by G&H® Orthodontics

Low–Profile Bracket System

  • enhances patient comfort
  • reduces occlusal interference

Metal Injection Molded Surgical–Grade Stainless Steel (MIM)

Constructed of a specialized micro–grain stainless steel MIM powder, ideal for creating small, robust appliances that are inherently stronger and more dimensionally accurate than other similar brackets.

80 Gauge Mesh Anatomical Bonding Base

  • matches the anatomical curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and a strong, consistent bond

"When using miniPrevail brackets in my practice, I’ve had very few issues with slot deformation, bending of bracket wings or hooks, or bracket breakage. miniPrevail are accurate in their expression of torque, and the size isn’t too small or large, and the wings allow for easy tie in."

Theodore Kula, D.D.S.

"miniPrevail brackets are high–quality twin brackets. The base and scribe lines make for easy bracket placement. The tie wings allow for easy tie–ins with multiple ligatures if needed, but are strong and comfortable for the patient."

Howard Fine, D.M.D., M.M.S.c

"What do I appreciate most about the miniPrevail line of brackets and tubes? The precision of the prescription is key for the best clinical outcomes for my patients. The low profile, sleek design makes my patients happy and I love the fact that I don't have to deal with the inconvenience and time loss of bonding failures."

Dr. Jason Jones

Bracket Kits

20 brackets per kit. Upper & Lower 5-5.

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Individual Brackets

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 Pack of 5
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