Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 99 Clinical Supplies Bonding Light Cure Bonding Adhesives Reliance® Flow Tain® Flow Tain® is a new flowable light cured composite with low viscosity which makes it ideal for bonded lingual retainers and splints. Flow Tain® (medium viscosity) 1.5g Syringe with (10) needle tip cannulas (19 gauge) FT Replacement needle tip cannulas (10) 19TIPS10 Flow Tain® LV (light viscosity) 1.5g Syringe with (10) needle tip cannulas (22 gauge) FTLV Replacement needle tip cannulas (10) 22TIPS10 Reliance® Bonding Aligner Adhesive Clear light cure adhesive to adhere metal, ceramic or plastic attachments to any aligner plastic. Ea. BA Reliance® Quick Cure™ Light activated orthodontic adhesive. COMPONENTS- (1) 5g push syringe QCPP 5g in (11) tips QCPT Suitable for use with MiniMold system, page 109 Reliance® Therma-Cure™ Heat curable lab adhesive for indirect bonding. (1) 5g syringe TC Reliance® Pad Lock™ Light cure bonding adhesive - creates a combination mechanical and chemical bond. COMPONENTS- (1) 4.5g syringe PLP (1) 4.5g syringe w/fluoride PLPF 4.5g in (10) tips PLT 4.5g in (10) tips w/fluoride PLTF Kit- (4) push syringes, 4.5g in each w/fluoride PLPKF Reliance® L.C.R.™ Light Cure Retainer Highly filled, single paste light cured retainer adhesive. COMPONENTS- (1) 5g push syringe LCR 5g paste in (11) tips LCRT5 KITS- 20g in (4) push syringes LCREP Reliance® Assure® Light Cure Band Cement Fluoride releasing light cure orthodontic adhesive. Assure® is the ideal viscosity to prevent bracket floatation while maximizing bond strength by chemically bonding to metal bracket bases. This single paste light cure adhesive releases a high level of fluoride and will bond to slightly contaminated sealant. Assure® Paste (1) 5g screw syringe APP Kit- Assure® Kit Paste in (4) 5g screw syringes AKP Reliance® GoTo™ Light Cure Bracket Adhesive • Unique viscosity properties • Single piece flash clean up - “roping” off the tooth • No bracket flotation GoTo™ Paste (1) 4g push syringe GTP GoTo™ Paste in Tips 4g paste in tips GTT Note: Paste is available in 3 viscosities: Regular / Medium / Thin. Regular is sent if not otherwise specified. Reliance® Light Bond® Light Cure Bonding Adhesive Fluoride Releasing: Light Bond™ Paste and Sealant are formulated with a patented fluoride releasing monomer. University studies have shown that fluoride is continuously released throughout the mouth without reducing bond strength. Smooth, Tacky Paste Viscosity: The viscosity of Light Bond™ Paste is very tacky which totally prevents bracket floatation. If a thinner paste viscosity is desired for bonding lingual retainers and palatal expanders, Light Bond™ Medium or Thin Paste is available. Specify when ordering. Total Paste Polymerization Under All Bracket Bases: Light Bond™ is comprised of a unique catalyst and filler that reflects the light to ensure complete polymerization under any appliance - metal, ceramic, sapphire or plastic. Once the material has been properly cured, an active archwire can be placed immediately. Choice of Protective Sealants: Conventional chemical cure sealants do not totally polymerize due to oxygen inhibition. Light Bond™ Sealant totally polymerizes when exposed to a visible light source for 10 seconds. As a result, the etched enamel surface is sealed with a clear fluoride releasing enamel protective sealant. Also available is Light Bond™ Filled Sealant, which contains 40% micro particle size filler making it abrasion resistant and fluoride releasing. Most Popular Light Cure Bonding Adhesive Note: Select Reliance products may not be available for Canadian or EU shipment. COMPONENTS- Regular Paste 5g in (11) Syringe Tips LBPTF 5g in (10) Long Nose Syringe Tips, w/Fluoride LBPTFLN (1) 5g Push Syringe, w/Fluoride LBPPF (1) 5g Push Syringe LBPP (1) 5g Push Syringe, Blue, w/Fluoride LBBPPF (1) 5g Screw Syringe, w/Fluoride LBPSF Medium Paste 5g in (11) Syringe Tips LBMPTF (1) 5g Push Syringe LBMPPF Thin Paste 5g in (11) Syringe Tips LBTPTF (1) 5g Push Syringe LBTPPF Light Bond™ Sealant 3 cc LBS3F Light Bond™ Filled Sealant 3 cc LBFSF Light Bond™ Sealant 7 cc LBS7F Light Bond™ Filled Sealant 7 cc LBFS7F KITS- Light Bond™- Reg. Paste Paste in (4) 5g Push Syringes LBEPF Suitable for use with MiniMold system, page 109 G&H® offers the complete line of Reliance® bonding products. Reliance® is well known in the orthodontic community as the most reliable high quality adhesives available. Sold in convenient kits or as individual components. Reliance®