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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 98 Clinical Supplies Aligner Support Products Essix® Plastics G&H® carries a wide variety of Essix® plastics for your aligner and retainer needs. Available in circle or square sheets and in multiple thicknesses. Packages of 100 sheets. See catalog page 140 for order numbers or Aligner Remover Patient-friendly, unique design allows easy and safe removal of aligners. Its ergonomic shape and two specially designed hooks help remove aligners with ease. Can also be used to place and remove elastics on traditional braces. 25/pkg. ART01 Gestenco International AB, Sweden De-Tacher™ Aligner Removal Tool A special patient tool for removing aligners in the mouth. Ergonomically designed for easy removal of aligners in both upper and lower jaws. Made of titanium-coated steel to prevent nickel alergies. Ea. DT-00-01 Gestenco International AB, Sweden Freddy™ Bondable Ceramic Button & Hook Maintain the transparent look with aligners as anchorage for elastics. Work lingually and labially. Anatomical mesh base for strong bond. Both fit all teeth, though typically applied to cuspids. Button, 10/pkg. FCB-00-01 Hook, 10/pkg. FCB-00-01HK Enchanted™ Series, Latex Intraoral Elastics Precision manufactured by G&H® from the finest surgical grade natural latex rubber to ensure reliable force delivery. Available in sizes 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and in Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra-Heavy force values. 50 patient packs of 100 elastics per box. See catalog page 95 for order numbers or Reliance® Bond Aligner A clear light-cure adhesive to adhere metal, ceramic, or plastic attachments to any aligner plastic. 1.5g syringe. Ea. BA Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters Help patients seat aligners correctly. Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters are the same size as a standard dental cotton roll - but better! Made of soft plastic, they’re hygienic and easier to use. 2 per package. Mint (Green) AC150GMDS Bubble Gum (Pink) AC150PBGDS Unscented (White) AC150WDS Hole Punch Designed to place a round hole in any location on the aligner. No heat necessary, saving time chairside. Ea. 077-HP6 Dimple Instrument Designed to place a 1mm dimple in any location on the aligner. No heat necessary to place dimple. Ea. 077-ID1 Battery Operated Sonic Cleaner Gets appliances, including retainers, sparkling clean in 5-10 minutes. When used in conjunction with Retainer Brite® tablets. Cleans deep - at 6,500 waves per second, and is a compact 3½” x 4”. Operates on two AA batteries (not included). Six-month replacement warranty included. NOTE: Sonic Cleaner and Retainer Brite are US sales only. Ea. SCL Retainer Brite® Retainer Brite® cleaning tablets clean retainers, nightguards, mouthguards, splints, and most other removable appliances. • Helps remove plaque and tarter • Kills germs & bacteria • Cleans & brightens appliances NOTE: Retainer Brite is US sales only. 36 tablets/pkg. RB-36 96 tablets/pkg. RB-92 Each patient pack includes an elastics placement tool. G&H® carries the complete line of Reliance® bonding products! Aligner Support Products