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www. GHOrthodontics.com (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: orders@ghortho.com G&H Orthodontics ® 93 Elastomerics Thread, Solid (50 ft. spool) .025” .030” Grey ETGY025 ETGY030 Clear ETCL025 ETCL030 Thread, Slip-Not, Solid (25 ft. spool) .025” .030” Grey SNTGY025 SNTGY030 Clear SNTCL025 SNTCL030 Thread, Hollow (50 ft. spool) .025” .030” Grey TBGY025 TBGY030 Clear TBCL025 TBCL030 Elastic Power Thread Medical grade elastomers precisely extruded for use in rotations and retraction applications. Hollow thread compresses to minimize slippage when knotted. Latex-free. Ea. Archwire Sleeve Protective Tubing Slides over wire to reduce irritation and maintains space where desired. Ideal for extraction site maintenance. Latex-free. Slip-Not, solid, rough surface holds knot more securely Thread - Solid Thread - Hollow Radiopaque Elastomeric Separators These separators are easily identified on x-ray and offer high resiliency for dependable separation quickly and efficiently. Medium blue color. Latex-free Thickness: .050" Inside diameter: .09" Outside diameter: .200" 1,000/pkg. ROSP1000 10 ft. per spool. Archwire Sleeve .018” .027” .046” Fits up to: .018” Round .021”x.027” .046” Round Grey ASPTG018 ASPTG027 ASPTG046 Clear ASPTC018 ASPTC027 ASPTC046 Clinical Tip: To engage tubing on full size wires, apply a drop of alcohol to act as a lubricant. Rotation Wedges Rotation wedges fit beneath the archwire to administer rotation forces where desired. Latex-free 100/pkg. Clear RWPCL100 Grey RWPGY100 Safe-Seps Elastomeric Separators 960/pkg. Latex-free Heavy - Purple 500-003 Regular - Blue 500-004 Molded Elastomeric Separators .180” diameter, latex-free. 960/pkg. 500-001 Non-Latex Elastics Non-Latex Elastics are ideal for avoiding patient sensitivity to latex. Manufactured of a unique polymer which eliminates the protein and other potential allergy reacting compounds associated with latex. Pouches contain 100 patient packs of 100 elastics. Available in Natural Color only. Pre-Loaded Canes and Bulk Ligatures .110 .120 Cane Bulk Cane Bulk Grey CGY10 BGY10 CGY20 BGY20 Clear CCL10 BCL10 CCL20 BCL20 Pre-loaded Canes Available in 2 sizes and in grey or clear. Pre-loaded canes have 50 ligatures each with 20 canes per pack (1,000 total pieces). Bulk packs of 5,000 loose ligatures per pouch. Latex-free 4.5 oz. 6.5 size medium Heavy 3/16” (Blue label) LFM36 LFH36 1/4” (Green label) LFM14 LFH14 SEPARATOR PLIER ON PAGE 120 Radiopaque Elastomeric Separators Medium blue color. 1,000/pkg. Latex-free Small - 0.155” O.D., 0.042” thick 325-302 Large - 0.193” O.D., 0.049” thick 325-303