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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 92 Elastomerics Elastomeric Chain Dispenser Our chain dispenser features a lid that encloses the spools to prevent inadvertent contamination. Stores twelve spools. Measures 3” wide x 81⁄ 8” long x 31⁄ 8” high. Made of anodized aluminum with a brushed finish. Ea. CHDSA700 Inside view Latex-Free Dyna-Link™ Elastomeric Chain Dyna-Link chain offers superior memory and durability characteristics with excellent color stability and stain resistance. G&H® precision engineers each style of Dyna-Link™ to exacting standards to ensure consistent force delivery with minimal decay rates. Latex-Free Slim-Chain™ Elastomeric Chain Slim-Chain™ is a thin version for increased comfort and also to accommodate lingual treatment mechanics. Only .019” in thickness, this chain has a low profile along with the elasticity and recovery needed for effective movement. Dyna-Link™ Elastomeric Chain is precision manufactured and scientifically tested by G&H® to ensure: • Continuous, gentle force for predictable tooth movement • High elasticity with superior memory and rebound • Excellent color stability • 3 spacing variations between links • .0255” thickness • 15 ft. spool • Colors coordinate with Bambino-Ties™, Versa-Ties™, Select-Ties & Mini-Ties. Colors and Order Numbers listed on page 90. (Actual product colors may vary slightly) Short Continuous Long Actual size .0255” thick .019” thick Available In Clear, Pearl & Silver • Low profile - great for lingual treatment and comfort • Thinner chain - easier to ligate under tie wings / self-ligating brackets • Superb resiliency & memory • 15 ft. spool CLEAR MET. SILVER PEARL 3 Colors Available – Clear Slim-Chain™ Continuous - CDLCLT Short - SDLCLT Long - LDLCLT Pearl Slim-Chain™ Continuous - CDLPLT Short - SDLPLT Long - LDLPLT Silver Slim-Chain™ Continuous - CDLSVT Short - SDLSVT Long - LDLSVT Short Continuous Long 3 Spacing Variations Actual size TOP SELLER! Elastomeric Chain Dispenser Holds up to 18 spools of 15 ft. chain. Measures 9 7/8” L x 3 7/8” D x 4¼” H. White acrylic with clear lid. Ea. 1016 33 colors to choose from! PowerLinx™ chain is produced from a unique and proprietary blend of thermoset polymers. Thermoset polymers molecular stability produces increased elasticity and resiliency that retain forces for extended periods of time. Documented scientific research proves PowerLinx™ can endure higher stresses longer with minimal force degradation (see graph below). The recovery force of PowerLinx™ remains elevated and active over a longer timeframe than traditional chain. The result is that PowerLinx™ produces more effective and tenacious forces for facilitating tooth movement. PowerLinx™ Chain - Latex-Free Each spool contains 2 meters (6.56 ft.) .020” thickness. Short Clear SPLCL Short Gray SPLGY Long Clear LPLCL Long Gray LPLGY Short Long Deformation Comparison Plastic chain (photos actual size) – 24hr. activation PowerLinx™ chain (photos actual size) – 24hr. activation – One week activation AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER