Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 85 Springs / Auxiliaries G4™ NiTi Coil Springs Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Stainless Steel Coil Springs Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Force 21” Spool Ultra Light 100 gm CCNT21075 Light 150 gm CCNT21150 Medium 200 gm CCNT21200 Heavy 250 gm CCNT21250 G4™ NiTi Closed Coil Springs deliver ideal forces for Class II intra-arch maxillary retraction as well as other space closure and maintenance applications. .030” I.D. coil diameter - 21” spool Open Coil Springs Wire size I.D. Force 7” Straight 21” Spooled .009” .030 Ex-Light 95 225 OCNT09307 OCNT093021 .010” .030 Light 120 260 OCNT10307 OCNT103021 .010” .036 Med-Light 90 200 OCNT10367 OCNT103621 .012” .030 Medium 220 480 OCNT12307 OCNT123021 .012” .036 Medium-Hvy 180 380 OCNT12367 OCNT123621 .014” .030 Heavy 360 700 OCNT14307 OCNT143021 .014” .036 Ex-Heavy 270 560 OCNT14367 OCNT143621 .010” .045 Facebow 55 120 OCNT10457 OCNT104521 G4™ NiTi Open Coil Springs open and maintain space gently and efficiently in a convenient cut to length design. Three 7” lengths per package or convenient 21” spool. Force when compressed 25% (.250”) (Force in grams) Force when compressed 50% (.500”) (Force in grams) Force determined by compressing a 1” open coil spring 25% (0.250”) and 50% (0.500”) and capturing the resulting force in grams. G4™ NiTi Open Coil Springs sized in 15mm lengths designed for opening spaces up to 15mm. 10/box I.D. Force .036 100gm Light OCNT15100 .036 150gm Medium OCNT15150 .036 200gm Heavy OCNT15200 Compresses to 3mm Expands to 15mm .065" Dia. .045" Dia. CUT HERE .06" .09" .010" .04" 7” Lengths OCNT7045 21” Spool OCNT2145 G4™ NiTi Molar Distalizing Open Coil Springs deliver gentle 100 grams of force to achieve average 1mm to 1.5mm distalization per month without patient cooperation. Place over archwire and anchor with stop hook and elastics or Nance Appliance for maximum effectiveness. Intermittent closed coil sections allow for end stops when cut to length. .045” I.D. Three 7” lengths per pack, or 21” spool. Note: Open and Closed Coil Springs with an .030” I.D. helix can be engaged over G&H® wires up to and including .019” x .025”. Stainless Steel Open Coil Springs .010x.028 SSOC1028 .010x.030 SSOC1030 .010x.036 SSOC1036 Stainless Steel Closed Coil Springs .010x.030 SSCC1030 Stainless steel open and closed coil springs are available on 21” spools. Closed Coil Open Coil Niti Separating (NEET) Springs offer efficient force for separating contact points prior to banding. Simple engagement and self activating. .018” wire diameter, 20/pkg. Molar (Large) NEETLG20 From clinical supplies to patient products, G&H offers a full line of quality orthodontic products. View and order our full line at: