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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 86 Springs / Auxiliaries Shepherd Hooks 2 designs - One hook is 4mm high and the other is a double with heights of both 2mm and 6mm. 20/Box 4mm SHPHK4 2, 6mm SHPHK6 Slide-On Vertical Tube New tube design which slides on a wire and has a second auxiliary tube positioned vertically. The .020x.020 vertical tube accepts auxiliaries like hooks. 20/Box .017x.025 Red I.D. mark V-T1725 .019x.025 Black I.D. mark V-T1925 Slide V-Tube on Archwire Stainless Steel “T” Hooks Fit all V-Slot brackets, for elastics where needed. 50/pkg. THK050 Crimpable Stops Maintain wire positioning or limit tooth movement. Open wall, MIM crimpable stop fits round or rectangular wires .018” to .021”x025”. Annealed to crimp evenly and securely. 2mm long – 10/box CSTOPOW Crimpable Micro-Stops Use as an anchor to limit tooth movement. Thread wire through micro-stop, then crimp with any holding plier. Annealed to crimp evenly and securely. 2mm long – 50/pack Small .012” to .018” CSTOPSM Large .020” to .020”x.020” CSTOPLG SEE ALL PLIERS BEGINNING ON PAGE 115 See page 117 for hook crimping pliers. SLIDE-ON ARCH HOOK Surgical & Arch Hooks are cast for durability and reliable performance. 10/pkg. Surgical Hooks with 1.25mm ball • 10/pack Fits up to .018 x .025 | .021 x .025 Slide-On SURHK620C SURHK621C Open-Wall (Universal) SURHK Arch Hooks with .75mm ball • 10/pack Fits up to .018 x .025 | .021 x .025 Slide-On ARHK632C ARHK633C Open-Wall, Right ARHK630CR ARHK631CR Open-Wall, Left ARHK630CL ARHK631CL OPEN-WALL SURGICAL HOOK OPEN-WALL ARCH HOOK 3mm SLIDE-ON SURGICAL HOOK 4mm Crimpable Hooks Auxiliary Force Products Mesial Distal Loop Loop 34mm PAB34 PAB134 36mm PAB36 PAB136 38mm PAB38 PAB138 40mm PAB40 PAB140 42mm PAB42 PAB142 44mm PAB44 PAB144 46mm PAB46 PAB146 52mm PAB52 PAB152 KIT PABK050 PABK150 Mesial Loop Distal Loop Palatal Arch Bars are formed in .036” stainless with double back bends for arch maintenance, molar rotation and distalization. 5/pkg. (Kits contain - 5 each of sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 46, 52mm and 10 each of sizes 42 and 44mm, 50 pieces total). Gripper™ Etched, Crimpable Stops and Hooks Once crimped, Gripper™ stops and hooks remain securely in place due to the etched surface. Gripper™ crimpable split archwire stops and hooks are designed to work with any type or size of wire, from nickel titanium to stainless steel, .012" to .021" to .021" x .025". No longer will you have to maintain an inventory of several different sizes of hooks and stops or waste valuable chair time deciding what size to use. Gripper™ stops and hooks are your solution to every situation where a crimpable stop or hook is needed. • Non-Slip Design • Provides anchorage • Place without removing wire • Ideal for use with nickel titanium wire • Eliminates the need for welding • Fits any size wire (A) Split Stop - 100/pkg. M025-01 (B) Small Split Hook - 20/pkg. M023-02 (C) Large Split Hook - 20/pkg. M023-01 (A) (B) (C)