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74 G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: Wire Products Archwire/Ligature Ties Colboloy™ Blue – Nickel Cobalt Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Colboloy™ Blue Nickel Cobalt wire, like Elgiloy® wire, is a unique alloy. Colboloy™ Blue allows intricate bending and, if desired, may be heat treated after formation to increase tensile strength and resiliency. ROTH1 MBT2 SQUARE MBT2 TAPERED TRUEFORM™ I BIOFORM III BIOFORM I BIOFORM V SIZE UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER .014 CBTFU014 CBTFL014 CBBF3U014 CBBF3L014 CBBF114 CBBF514 .016 CBTFU016 CBTFL016 CBBF3U016 CBBF3L016 CBBF116 CBBF516 .018 CBTFU018 CBTFL018 CBBF3U018 CBBF3L018 CBBF118 CBBF518 .016x.016 CBTFU1616 CBTFL1616 CBBF3U1616 CBBF3L1616 CBBF1616 CBBF5616 .016x.022 CBTFU1622 CBTFL1622 CBBF3U1622 CBBF3L1622 CBBF1622 CBBF5622 .017x.022 CBTFU1722 CBTFL1722 – – – – .017x.025 CBTFU1725 CBTFL1725 CBBF3U1725 CBBF3L1725 CBBF1725 CBBF5725 .018x.025 CBTFU1825 CBTFL1825 CBBF3U1825 CBBF3L1825 CBBF1825 CBBF5825 .019x.025 CBTFU1925 CBTFL1925 CBBF3U1925 CBBF3L1925 CBBF1925 CBBF5925 .021x.025 CBTFU2125 CBTFL2125 – – – – ORDER OPTIONS Standard Pack 25 archwires/pack - order numbers as listed. Solo-Pack™ 10 individually sealed autoclavable archwires per carton. For Solo-Pack™ wires, add “S” to the end of part number. Please allow 2-3 days for Solo-Pack™ packaging. Stainless Steel Ligature Ties A.J. Wilcock® Brass Separating Wire Brass Separating Wire is high quality corrosion resistant 60/40 brass for posterior separation prior to band placement. 8 oz. reel .018 (545 ft.) AW820-018 .020 (450 ft.) AW820-020 G&H® Koby Ties Koby ties provide an auxiliary hook which can be added to any bracket just by tying in the archwire. They are preformed to be easily tied in place and able to fit most orthodontic brackets. Short ties have pre-wound pigtails for extra easy engagement and are made from easily adaptable .012 or .014 ligature wire. Tooth coated (.014) ties combine the strength and security of metal with the aesthetics needed for ceramic or composite brackets. 100/pkg. Long Short .010 KH010 .012 SKH012 .012 KH012 .014 SKH014 .014 KH014 .014 TSKH014 (Tooth colored) Stainless Steel Ligature Ties Preformed in dead soft temper. Long .008 (1,000/pkg.) LT008 .009 (1,000/pkg.) LT009 .010 (1,000/pkg.) LT010 .011 (1,000/pkg.) LT011 .012 (1,000/pkg.) LT012 .012 (100/pkg. Tooth-Colored) TCLT012 .014 (500/pkg.) LT014 Pre-cut Ligature Ties .008 Standard (500/pkg.) SLT008 Applicable for lingual bracket engagement .010 Standard (500/pkg.) SLT010 .012 Tooth color (50/pkg.) TCSLT012L Spooled Bulk Ligature Wire Our spooled ligature wire is diamond drawn to exacting dimension and features a bright finish with soft temper for ease of use. 1 lb. spool .008 (5,827 ft.) SBLW108 .009 (4,382 ft.) SBLW109 .010 (3,730 ft.) SBLW110 .011 (3,075 ft.) SBLW111 .012 (2,612 ft.) SBLW112 1G&H® prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor. 2MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek. °G&H® Orthodontics is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ormco Corporation or Dr. Dwight Damon.