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73 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Wire Products Straight Lengths & Spools Straight Lengths & SpooledWire Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics TitanMoly™ Titanium Molybdenum Straight Lengths provides the adaptability and handling characteristics of stainless steel with improved memory and gentler force levels, and its nickel-free alloy helps reduce patient sensitivity. Colboloy™ Blue Nickel Cobalt Wire is an excellent choice for use in archwires, and is superb for use in removable and functional appliances. Nickel Titanium Straight Lengths • 10/tube – Spools, Each 7” Straight Lengths 15’ Spool SIZE .010 SENT010 SESP010 .012 SENT012 SESP012 .014 SENT014 SESP014 .016 SENT016 SESP016 .018 SENT018 SESP018 .020 SENT020 SESP020 .014x.025 SENT1425 – .016x.016 SENT1616 – .016x.022 SENT1622 – .016x.025 SENT1625 – .017x.025 SENT1725 – .018x.018 SENT1818 – .018x.025 SENT1825 – .019x.025 SENT1925 – .020x.020 SENT2020 – .021x.025 SENT2125 – TitanMoly™ Titanium Molybdenum Straight Lengths • 10/tube 14” Straight Lengths SIZE .016 STB3016 .018 STB3018 .028 STB3028 .032 STB3032 .036 STB3036 .016x.016 STB31616 .016x.022 STB31622 .017x.025 STB31725 .0175x.0175 STB37575 .018x.025 STB31825 .019x.025 STB31925 .021x.025 STB32125 Colboloy™ Blue Nickel Cobalt Straight Lengths • 25/tube 14” Straight Lengths SIZE .014 STRCB014 .016 STRCB016 .018 STRCB018 .028 STRCB028 .030 STRCB030 .032 STRCB032 .036 STRCB036 .040 STRCB040 .045 STRCB045 .051 STRCB051 .016x.016 STRCB1616 .016x.022 STRCB1622 .017x.025 STRCB1725 .018x.025 STRCB1825 .019x.025 STRCB1925 .021x.025 STRCB2125 Soft Stainless Steel Wire .016 annealed soft stainless steel wire is suitable for various applications including securing rapid palatal expander screws and ligating convertible tubes after cap removal. Order Information: 15 ft. spool SSSOF016 Nickel Titanium Straight Lengths and Spools are used for archwire and sectional applications. Stainless Steel Straight Lengths are manufactured from a 304v spring hard wire suitable for clinical and laboratory applications. Its superior resiliency resists deformation. Stainless Steel Spring Tempered Wire Straight Lengths • 25/tube 14” Straight Lengths SIZE .012 STSS012 .014 STSS014 .016 STSS016 .018 STSS018 .020 STSS020 .022 STSS022 .024 STSS024 .026 STSS026 .028 STSS028 .030 STSS030 .032 STSS032 .036 STSS036 .040 STSS040 .045 STSS045 .051 STSS051 .016x.016 STSS1616 .016x.022 STSS1622 .017x.017 STSS1717 .017x.022 STSS1722 .017x.025 STSS1725 .018x.018 STSS1818 .018x.022 STSS1822 .018x.025 STSS1825 .019x.019 STSS1919 .019x.025 STSS1925 .020x.020 STSS2020 .021x.025 STSS2125 ARCHWIRE CUTTERS & PLIERS BEGIN ON PAGE 115