Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 127 Instruments Clinical Supplies Diamond Discs & Cutters Great for enamel reduction, shaping and interproximal stripping. Ultra Flex Cutter - Ea. .17mm 1290690 .20mm 1290700 Mini Flex Cutter - Ea. .10mm 1290695 Cool Flex Cutter - Ea. .17mm 1290710 Flex Edge - (Abrasive both sides) Ea. DISCDSM SuperFlex Edge - (Abrasive both sides) Ea. 910S-220 Flex Edge - (Abrasive up) Ea. DISCSSUM Flex Edge - (Abrasive down) Ea. DISCSSDM SuperFlex Edge - (Abrasive up) Ea. 912S-220 (Disc comes with mandrel) (Disc comes with mandrel) (Disc comes with mandrel) Wheel Saw - Ea. Proform 9630100 Diamond Disc Safety Guard Ea. DISCGD Diamond Disc - (Double-sided - w/o mandrel) 2 discs per pkg. DISCDS Diamond Disc - (Single-sided - includes (1) mandrel) 2 discs per pkg. DISCSS SuperFlex Edge - (Abrasive down) Ea. 913S-220 SuperFlex Full - (Abrasive up) Ea. 916S-220 SuperFlex Full - (Abrasive down) Ea. 917S-220 SuperFlex Full - (Abrasive both sides) Ea. 927S-220 Flex Full - (Abrasive both sides) Ea. 927F-220