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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 126 Clinical Supplies Instruments Note: Not all Burs are available for Canadian or EU shipment. KUT Premium Diamond Finishing Bur 5/pkg. 1.0 dia. 133.010F 1.4 dia. 134.014F KUT Round End Operative Carbide Bur 5/pkg. 1.0 dia. 1557K 1.2 dia. 1558K KUT Round End Needle Diamond Bur 5/pkg. Fine - 1.4 dia. 859.014F Coarse - 1.8 dia. 859.018C KUT Premium Football Diamond Bur 5/pkg. Fine - 1.6 dia. 368-016F Fine - 2.0 dia. 368-020F Med. - 1.8 dia. 368.018M Coarse - 2.3 dia. 368.023C Coarse Rd - 2.3 dia. 379.023C KUT Premium Carbide Trimming & Finnishing 5/pkg. Football 7406K Taper 7702K Flame 7104K Flame 7106K Needle 7901K Needle 7902K Needle 7903K KUT Premium Interproximal Diamond Bur 5/pkg. 1.6 dia. 392.016F KUT Premium Diamond Wheel 5/pkg. Coarse - 4.0 dia. 909.040C Football Taper Flame Needle Discover Your Orthodontic Buying Power! Your membership in the G&H OrthoClub™ results in big savings. Enjoy buying-group savings on more than 6,000 brand-name clinical supplies including G&H manufactured products. QwikStrip™ IPR Instrument QwikStrip serrated and abrasive strips are color-coded and available in four versions: single-sided, double-sided, curved, and serrated. 10/pkg. Superfine* Single-Sided, 0.07mm QS-SF Curved, 0.07mm QSC-SF Double-Sided, 0.18mm QSDS-SF Ultimate Assorted Kit 10 Pack (1) SINGLE-SIDED .07mm YELLOW (1) SINGLE-SIDED .10mm RED (1) SINGLE-SIDED .13mm BLUE (1) SINGLE-SIDED .16mm GREEN (1) SINGLE-SIDED .18mm BLACK (1) DOUBLE-SIDED .18mm YELLOW (1) DOUBLE-SIDED .20mm RED (1) DOUBLE-SIDED .25mm BLUE (1) DOUBLE-SIDED .30mm GREEN (1) DOUBLE-SIDED .40mm BLACK QS-ULT10 *Thickness is approximate +/- .05mm Fine* Single-Sided, 0.10mm QS-F Curved, 0.10mm QSC-F Double-Sided, 0.20mm QSDS-F Medium* Single-Sided, 0.13mm QS-M Curved, 0.13mm QSC-M Double-Sided, 0.25mm QSDS-M Coarse* Single-Sided, 0.16mm QS-C Curved, 0.16mm QSC-C Double-Sided, 0.30mm QSDS-C Extra Coarse* Single-Sided, 0.18mm QS-XC Curved, 0.18mm QSC-XC Double-Sided, 0.40mm QSDS-XC Extra Extra Coarse* Double-Sided, 0.50mm QSDS-XXC Serrated* Single-Sided, 0.05mm QS-SER