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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 110 Clinical Supplies Bonding The strength and durability of glass fibers combined with filled composite • No frayed or messy fiber ends • Easy-to-apply chairside method • Bonds chemically & mechanically • Compatible with all light cure composites • Metal free & aesthetically pleasing • Low profile and aesthetic • Labial or lingual placement Ideal for many applications: • Lingual upper and lower retention • Diastema retention • Posterior anchorage • Trauma or periodontal splinting • Extraction site maintenance • Segmented movement everStick®Ortho incorporates a thousand glass fiber strands bound together with a pre-impregnated light cure adhesive that allows adaptation directly in the patient’s mouth. The integrated fiber bundle is both malleable and tacky—perfect characteristics for close adaptation and positive retention prior to curing. .030” (0.75mm) passive diameter - flattens significantly during adaptation. Refrigerated storage recommended. Fiber Reinforced Composite everStick®Ortho everStick and StickTech are registered trademarks of Stick Tech Ltd. Oy. *Typical FRC application by Vittorio Cacciafesta, DDS, MSc, PhD and M. Francesca Sfondrini, MD, DDS – Italy Clinical case photos of 14-year old female* Box of (2) 12cm strands EVERSTICK Flow Tain® A flowable light cure composite with low viscosity making it ideal for bonded lingual retainers and splints. See page 99 for full information. Medium viscosity FT Light viscosity FTLV Companion Products Note: everStick® is not available for Canadian shipment. Full Line Quality Orthodontic Products Orthodontists have one of the most important jobs – bringing renewed self-confidence and pride to every patient through improved smiles. Order our full line of products at: LEDEX™ Portable LED Curing Light A powerful LED curing light - maintains light intensity without excess heat. See page 108 for full information. Ea. DC101