Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 109 Bonding Clinical Supplies Direct Bond Auxiliary Appliance Fabrication Direct Bond Occlusal Appliance Mini-Mold Kits™ The various molds fabricate buttons, bite ramps, habit control spikes, temporary brackets, molar tubes, molar pads and create uniform lingual retainer bonds using light cure adhesives. Each mold is designed to pack with light cure adhesive, press against tooth, cure and peel away mold leaving a formed auxiliary on any tooth in just minutes. Any light-cure adhesive can successfully be used with Mini-Molds™ – L.C.R.™ adhesive from Reliance® is recommended. (See page 102). Bite-Bumper™ Bite-Bumpers™ work to open deep bite cases by allowing the anteriors to ride up and out of occlusion. The Bite-Bumpers™ eliminate bond failures of brackets and are especially valuable with ceramic or self-ligating brackets. The Bite-Bumpers™ are made of a composite polymer that is more comfortable, aesthetic and will increase biocompatibility in nickel sensitive patients. Bite-Bumpers™ are bonded in the same manner as plastic or composite brackets and have a slotted mechanical bonding base. 10/pkg. BB-00-01 The unique fixed “placement jig” guarantees the correct height on the lingual of the tooth and makes sure the two Bite-Bumpers™ are 100% parallel. Wire Bonder Tips - Small and Large 1. Put the placement-jig against the incisal edge. 2. Remove the jig. 3. Bite-Bumper™ ready. The placement-jig can be easily removed by hand or by a cutting instrument after bonding. Bite-Bumper is a registered trademark by Gestenco International AB, Sweden Note: Bite-Bumper™ is not available for Canadian shipment. Individual mold designs Kits include handle and instructions. Wire Bonder Kit Small (10 tips) 700-009 Wire Bonder Kit Large (10 tips) 700-001 Button Bonder Kit (10 tips) 700-004 Bracket Bonder Kit (10 tips) 700-011 Habit Control Bonder Kit (10 tips) 700-116 Cuspid Ramp Kit (8 tips) 700-119 Bite Ramp Bonder Kit (3mm) (8 tips) 700-117L Bite Ramp Bonder Kit (5mm) (8 tips) 700-117 Lateral Bonding Kit (4 tips) 700-111 Tube Bonder Kit (10 tips) 700-123 Molar Pad Tip Kit (10 tips) 700-007 Universal Bite Opening Kit (16 tips) 700-102 (4 ea. 3mm, 5mm, cuspid ramp, & pad) Handle only 700-002 Starter kit features three of each mold design, two application handles and instructions. Ea. 700-100M