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Free Sample Pack: Premium Orthodontic Archwires

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  • Teeth move farther and faster
  • Lower load forces of engagement for patient comfort
  • Higher residual forces of recovery
  • Stays active to the end – Moves teeth the last 1/2mm
  • The culmination of years of research and development
  • Thermal heat activated
  • Gentler loading forces for easier engagement
  • Precise temperature transformation at 27°C
  • Consistent and predictable tooth moving forces
  • 304v medical grade stainless steel wire
  • State-of-the-art forming ensures precise archforms
  • Available in 33 archforms or straight lengths
  • XR1™ heat treated stainless also available
The moderate force alternative to Stainless Steel Archwires
  • Nickel–free for sensitive patients
  • Provides nearly twice the working range of stainless steel with 45% less deflection force and superior recovery
  • Smoother surface finish for improved sliding mechanics
  • Accepts adaptation bends without breakage

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