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Extreme™ Sports Latex Elastics

Extreme Sports Theme

  • Features sports on patient elastic packs: Surfing, Skydiving, Motorcross, BMX Freestyle, and more!

Product Details

  • Available in amber
  • Each patient pack is color-coded and individualized with its own Extreme Sport
  • Force levels guaranteed consistend every time
  • Each box contains 50 color-coded patient packs
  • Each patient pack contains 100 elastics (5,000 total elastics)
  Light Medium Heavy
1/8" Red Bag Kayaking Surfing Jet Skiing
3/16" Blue Bag Motorcross Skiing Bungee Jumping
1/4" Green Bag Rock Climbing Skydiving Snowmobiling
5/16" Purple Bag Skateboarding BMX Freestyle Snowboarding
3/8" Brown Bag Water Skiing Wind Surfing Wakeboarding

Extreme™ Sports Latex Elastics

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