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Dyna-Link™ Elastomeric Chain

Made in the U.S.A by G&H® Orthodontics

Precision manufactured and scientifically tested

Product Details

  • Continuous, gentle force for predictable tooth movement
  • High elasticity with superior memory and rebound
  • Available in 3 lengths – Continuous, Short & Long
  • Latex–Free
  • 15 ft. spool
  • Thickness: .026" (Thin .018")
  • Available in 33 colors

Dyna-Link™ Elastomeric Chain

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Comes with a lid that encloses the dispenser to prevent inadvertent contamination. The chain dispenser also features slot openings so the chain can be easily dispensed from either side. A small portion of the chain remains exposed for easy access. Stores twelve spools. Measures 3" wide x 8 1/8" long x 3 1/8" high.


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