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Palatal Arch Bars

Palatal Arch Bars
Our palatal arch bars are formed in .036" stainless with double back bends for arch maintenance, molar rotation and distalization.

Pack of 5

Pack of 50 Kits
5 of each for sizes 34 MM, 36 MM, 38 MM, 40 MM, 46 MM, & 52 MM. 10 of each for sizes 42 MM & 44 MM.

Mesial Loop

34mm PAB34
36mm PAB36
38mm PAB38
40mm PAB40
42mm PAB42
44mm PAB44
46mm PAB46
52mm PAB52
Kit PABK050

Distal Loop

34mm PAB134
36mm PAB136
38mm PAB138
40mm PAB140
42mm PAB142
46mm PAB146
52mm PAB152
Kit PABK150