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G4™ Nickel Titanium Open Coil Springs

Nickel Titanium Open Coil Springs
Open coil springs open and maintain space gently and efficiently in a convenient cut to length design.

Choose from (3) 7" straight lengths or (1) 21" Spool

Precision formed G4™ Nickel Titanium alloy into closed coil springs. G4™ Nickel Titaniam springs provide consistent force and remain active until the space is closed. Consistent force values and full recovery are both routinely achieved with G4™ Nickel Titanium.

*Forces determined by compressing a 1" open coil spring.
Wire SizeI.D.ForceCompressed 25% (.250")Compressed 50% (.500")
.009".030Extra Light95 g225 g
.010".030Light120 g260 g
.010".036Medium Light90 g200 g
.012".030Medium220 g480 g
.012".036Medium Heavy180 g380 g
.014".030Heavy360 g700 g
.014".036Extra Heavy270 g560 g
.010".045Facebow50 g120 g

7" Straight

009x030 Extra Light OCNT09307
010x030 Light OCNT10307
010x036 Medium Light OCNT10367
012x030 Medium OCNT12307
012x036 Medium Heavy OCNT12367
014x030 Heavy OCNT14307
014x036 Extra Heavy OCNT14367
010x045 Facebow OCNT10457

21" Spool

009x030 Extra Light OCNT093021
010x030 Light OCNT103021
010x036 Medium Light OCNT103621
012x030 Medium OCNT123021
012x036 Medium Heavy OCNT123621
014x030 Heavy OCNT143021
014x036 Extra Heavy OCNT143621
010x045 Facebow OCNT104521