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Lip Bumpers

Lip Bumpers
Lip Bumpers are precision shaped to relieve lip and cheek pressures and allow teeth to unravel quickly. Bumpers feature colored lip pad and include small ligating hooks for securing in place.

Size 1 = 83mm
Size 2 = 90mm
Size 3 = 97mm
Size 4 = 104mm
Size 5 = 111mm
Also available in Universal

*Spans are measured from the distal of one bow loop to the distal of the other loop.

2 lip bumpers per package.

83mm (Size 1)

Black CCLB101
Blue CCLB102
Dark Green CCLB105
Lime Green CCLB106
Orange CCLB104
Pink CCLB110
Purple CCLB108
Red CCLB111
White CCLB103
Yellow CCLB107

90mm (Size 2)

Black CCLB201
Blue CCLB202
Dark Green CCLB205
Lime Green CCLB206
Pink CCLB210
Purple CCLB208
Red CCLB211
White CCLB203
Yellow CCLB207

97mm (Size 3)

Black CCLB301
Blue CCLB302
Dark Green CCLB305
Lime Green
Orange CCLB304
Pink CCLB310
Purple CCLB308
Red CCLB311
White CCLB303
Yellow CCLB307

104mm (Size 4)

Black CCLB401
Blue CCLB402
Dark Green CCLB405
Lime Green
Orange CCLB404
Pink CCLB410
Red CCLB411
White CCLB403
Yellow CCLB407

111mm (Size 5)

Black CCLB501
Blue CCLB502
Dark Green CCLB505
Lime Green
Orange CCLB504
Pink CCLB510
Red CCLB511
White CCLB503
Yellow CCLB507


Black CCLB001
Blue CCLB002
Dark Green CCLB005
Lime Green CCLB006
Orange CCLB004
Pink CCLB010
Purple CCLB008
Red CCLB011
White CCLB003
Yellow CCLB007