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Color-Coated Facebows

Color-Coated Facebows
Our color-coated facebows have a durable color coating that resists peeling, cracking and discoloration.

Size 1 = 83mm
Size 2 = 90mm
Size 3 = 97mm
Size 4 = 104mm
Size 5 = 111mm

*Spans are measured from the distal of one bow loop to the distal of the other loop.

Sold individually.

83mm (Size 1)

Black CCFB101
Blue CCFB102
Dark Green CCFB105
Lime Green CCFB106
Orange CCFB104
Pink CCFB109
Purple CCFB108
White CCFB103
Yellow CCFB107

90mm (Size 2)

Black CCFB201
Blue CCFB202
Dark Green CCFB205
Lime Green CCFB206
Orange CCFB204
Pink CCFB209
Purple CCFB208
White CCFB203
Yellow CCFB207

97mm (Size 3)

Black CCFB301
Blue CCFB302
Dark Green CCFB305
Lime Green CCFB306
Orange CCFB304
Pink CCFB309
Purple CCFB308
White CCFB303
Yellow CCFB307

104mm (Size 4)

Black CCFB401
Blue CCFB402
Dark Green CCFB405
Lime Green CCFB406
Orange CCFB404
Pink CCFB409
Purple CCFB408
White CCFB403
Yellow CCFB407

111mm (Size 5)

Black CCFB501
Blue CCFB502
Dark Green CCFB505
Lime Green CCFB506
Orange CCFB504
Pink CCFB509
Purple CCFB508
White CCFB503
Yellow CCFB507


Black CCFB001
Blue CCFB002
Dark Green CCFB005
Lime Green CCFB006
Orange CCFB004
Pink CCFB009
Purple CCFB008
White CCFB003
Yellow CCFB007