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Springs - Nickel Titanium

Spring Systems

Closed Coil Spring System

  • Available in 9mm or 12mm passive lengths
  • Choose from 5 force values: Feather Light (50g), Extra Light (100g), Light (150g), Medium (200g), or Heavy (250g)
  • Closed coil kit available for all 150 gram load applications

TAD Closed Coil Spring System

  • Quick and easy engagement without ligation to virtually all TAD Screws
  • Available in 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, or 17mm passive lengths
  • Choose from 3 force values: Light (150g), Medium (200g), or Heavy (250g)
  • Closed coil kit available for all 200 gram load applications

Other Springs

Closed Coil Springs

  • 21" spool
  • .030" coil diameter
  • Deliver ideal forces for Class II intra–arch maxillary retraction as well as other space closure and maintenance applications

Open Coil Springs

  • Choose from straight lengths or spools
  • Maintain space gently and efficiently
  • Cut to desired length

Open Coil Springs 15mm

  • Open coil springs sized in 15mm lengths (compresses to 3mm)
  • .036" inside diameter
  • 10 springs per package

Molar Distalization Springs

  • Delivers a gentle 100 grams of force
  • Achieve average 1mm to 1.5mm distalization per month
  • .045" inside diameter