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Reliance® Bonding Products

New Products

GoTo™ Adhesive

  • Light–cure adhesive with superior handling properties
  • Does not allow bracket flotation once placed
  • A fraction of the retail cost of leading, competitive light cure adhesives

Extend™ Long–Term Retainer

  • Used for long term lingual retention
  • Bonded only to the cuspids
  • Titanium molybdenum wire

Lingual Retention

Lingual Retainers

  • Choose from Bond–A–Braid®, Ortho–Flextech®, or Retainium™ lingual wires

Lingual Retainer Adhesives

  • Designed specifically for bonded lingual retainers
  • Choose from Flow Tain™ or L.C.R™ Light Cure Retainer Adhesives

Bracket Adhesives

Top Seller

Light Bond™

  • Light cure adhesive
  • Highly filled material that delivers maximum bond strength in all situations with all types of appliances
  • Available with or without fluoride
  • Comprised of a catalyst and filler that reflects the light to insure complete polymerization


  • Single paste light–cure adhesive
  • Can also be applied to a dry or slightly contaminated surface
  • First orthodontic adhesive to bond chemically to stainless steel
  • Bonds 50% stronger to stainless steel

Pad Lock®

  • Light–cure adhesive
  • Developed to increase adhesion to even the finest screen mesh bases
  • Contains a monomer that bonds chemically and mechanically to metal bracket bases
  • Will fluoresce when illuminated with a black light for easy flash cleanup

Quick Cure™

  • Light–cure adhesive
  • Can be polymerized with any visible light source
  • Viscous, which helps prevent bracket flotation
  • Will bond any type of bracket to any enamel, porcelain, composite, or metal surface

Phase II®

  • Mixed paste self–cure adhesive
  • Formulated with a patented monomer that contains fluoride
  • Highly filled material that delivers maximum bond strength
  • Glass–filled material designed specifically for orthodontic use


  • No–mix self–cure adhesive
  • Formulated with a patented monomer that contains fluoride (non–fluoride also available)
  • Highly filled material that delivers maximum bond strength designed specifically for orthodontic use

Specialty Adhesives


  • Fluoride releasing releasing specialty bonding adhesive
  • Regular Set = 3 minute working time
  • Fast Set = 60 second working time


  • Heat–curable lab adhesive for custom base indirect bonding
  • Maximum bond strength with all metal, ceramic, and plastic brackets

Band & Crown Cements

Crown Lok™

  • Self–curing two–minute working time fluoride releasing cement
  • Bond chemicallys to all metal crowns, bands, and appliances


  • Dual–cure cement that releases fluoride
  • Unique combination of fesin and glass ionomer technology
  • Four–minute working time at room temperature without a frozen slab
Top Seller

Ultra Band–Lok®

  • Single–paste light cure cement
  • Used to bond brackets, lingual retainers, and large acrylic appliances
  • No working time constraints

Additional Products