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SmartBond® Adhesive

SmartBond® is a true one-step adhesive that bonds in a wet field. In fact, it is activated only when it contacts moisture. Teeth are cleaned and etched for bonding as usual, but when the etchant is rinsed off, the next step is to bond. There is no drying, no sealants and there is no dry field to maintain.

SmartBond® activation begins when a bondable attachment is delivered to the tooth and the adhesive contacts wet enamel. Five-second working time, five minute bond set.

SmartBond® makes bonding in difficult locations easy. Partially or surgically exposed teeth, molars, lingually displaced teeth and high cuspids all can be successfully bonded with SmartBond®.

SmartBond® is a filled cyanoacrylate base adhesive. Care should be taken in dispensing, use and storage to avoid unintended adhesion. Refrigeration of SmartBond® is recommended.

SmartBond® is a registered trademark of Gestenco International AB, Sweden.