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Light Bond™

Light Bond Adhesives
Total Paste Polmerization Under All Bracket Bases: Light Bond™ is comprised of a catalyst and filler that reflects the light to insure complete polymerization under any appliance: metal, ceramic, sapphire or plastic. Once the material has been properly cured, an arch wire can be placed immediately.

Fluoride Releasing: Light Bond™ Paste and Sealant are formulated with a patented fluoride releasing monomer. University studies have shown that fluoride is continuously released throughout the mouth without reducing bond strength.

Ease of Removal: Light Bond™ is a small particle glass filled material designed specifically for orthodontic use that allows maximum penetration of filler into the finest screen mesh base and removal without enamel scarring.

Smooth Tacky Paste Viscosity: The viscosity of Light Bond™ Paste is very tacky which prevents bracket flotation.

Unsurpassed Bond Strength: The Light Bond™ Paste is a lighly filled material that delivers maximum bond strength in all situations with all types of appliances.