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Band Lok Paste
Two Paste System:
No messy Powder-Liquid Systems. Consistent mix viscosity every time.

Contains Fluoride:
Band-Lok® and Ultra Band-Lok® are compomer cements that release Fluoride.

No Unpleasant Aftertaste:
Unlike Glass Monomer cements, Band-Lok® does not have an aftertaste or odor.

Dual Curable:
Band-Lok® is a Dual Cure cement. It can be used with or without a dental curing light. When band is placed and flash is cleaned a 20 second light activation allows full protection from moisture. Without light activation a complete set is achieved in 10 minutes.

Extended Working Time:
Four minute working time at room temperature without a frozen slab.

Band-Lok® and Ultra Band-Lok® are a unique combination of Resin and Glass Ionomer technology.