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Material Safety Data Sheets

We at G&H® are fully aware of the OSHA requirements for the use of SDS (Safety Data Sheets) instead of MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) and the implementation date in 2015. Being how an SDS is required only for hazardous chemicals, we are evaluating how to provide you with the material composition in the future. Until that time, the MSDS will remain on this site for your convenience.

These documents are in PDF format which utilize the Adobe® Reader. If you do not have the updated version, download a free copy.
Click link to view document or right-click on the link to select option to save.

If the MSDS is not listed on this page, the materials used in the product are deemed as non-hazardous and therefore do not require such report. We are currently updating this page so that every product that does require a MSDS will be available to you for viewing.


Australian Wire & Springs
BT3™ Beta Titanium
Brass Wire Straight Lengths
Colboloy™ Blue Nickel Cobalt
Nickel Titanium Wire & Springs
Stainless Steel 302/303
Stainless Steel 304
Stainless Steel 316

Stainless Attachments & Accessories

Lingual Buttons - Weldable
Lingual Buttons - Bondable
Lingual Buttons - Micro
Lingual Sheaths
Lingual Cleats
Mesial / Distal Palatal Bars
Swivel Safety Keys
Crimpable & Slide-on Hooks
Surgical & Arch Hooks Expansion Screws
Palatal Expanders
Lip Bumpers
Ball Clasps
Kobayashi Hooks
Pre-formed Ligatures
Bulk Ligature Wire

Posted Archwire Products

Posting Flux
Brass Posts


Coating for Ligatures
Facebow Composite Coating
Epoxy Tooth-Colored Wire Coating
Lip Bumper Polyethylene

Brackets, Bands, & Tubes

Agility® Stainless Brackets Comfort Zone™ Stainless Brackets Focus™ Stainless Brackets Magnum™ Stainless Brackets Magnum™ Stainless Tubes miniPrevail® Stainless Brackets Lucent™ Composite Brackets Prism™ Composite Brackets Vapor™ Ceramic Brackets Viper™ CV Stainless Tubes Apollo™ Brackets & Tubes
Begg Brackets
Molar/Bicuspid Bands
Nova™ Series Brackets
Straight-Line™ Brackets
Straight-Line™ Buccal Tubes
Zenith™ Ceramic Brackets
Zenith™ Composite Brackets

Elastics Intra-Oral

Amber Latex Elastics
Extreme Sports Elastics
Neon Latex Elastics
Non-Latex Elastics


Dyna Link™ Elastomeric Chain
Elastomeric Products
PowerLinx™ Chain
Rotation Wedges
Versa/Bambino™ Ligature Ties
Placement Tools
Storage Key Rings

Wax & Silicone Products

Bite Wax
Patient & Utility Wax
Disposable Wax Markers
Aluwax Wax Products

Alginate & Impressions

Alginate Flavoring
Alginmax Alginate
Alpha-Dent Alginate Material
Cadco Identic Alginate
Disposable Impression Trays
Genie Impression Material
Integra Alginate
Kromopan Alginate
Orthoprint Alginate
Silgimix Alginate
Aquasil Putty
Aquasil Ultra


Topex Topical Anesthetic
Quala Topical Anesthetic

Cleaning & Sanitizing

OptiCide Disinfectant
Crosstex Sani-Cloth HB Wipes
Crosstex Sanitex Plus Wipes
Crosstex Sanityze Gel
Crosstex Efferzyme Tablets
Crosstex Indicator Tape
EMS Sterilizing Test Strips


Die Keen
Whip Mix Stone,Rock,Plaster
Whip Mix Debubblizer
Whip Mix Foilcote
Whip Mix Model Soap


Wire Forming
Debanding / Debonding
Hand Instruments
Bite Sticks High-Heat
Bite Sticks

Retractors & Dry Field Systems

Retractor (CR-00-01)
Retractor (TLC)
Retractor (PCKE-1)
Retractor (PCKE-1D)
Nola Dry Field System

Retention & Finishing

Enforce FRC™
EverStick® Ortho
NeoSmile™ Tooth Positioner

SmartBond® Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

SmartBond® L.C.
SmartBond® Gel Etchant


Whip Mix Preppies™ Pumice
Whip Mix Pumice
Crosstex Sparkle-Free Prophy Paste

Patient Items

Chewies for Aligners
Two-Tone Disclosing Tablets
Alpha-Dent Home Fluoride Gel
Retainer Brite Tablets
Retainer Cases
Safety Module - Body
Safety Module - Strap
Swivel Safety Key Handle

Reliance Bonding Products

We are currently updating our Reliance MSDS. Please visit the Reliance MSDS page on their website.


Bite Bumpers
Embrace™ Lip Protectors
Lightning Strips
Mini-Mold ™ Products
Therma Frost™ Spray
Zand Gauges
FaceMask Plastic
Photographic Mirrors
Premium Photographic Mirrors
Tidi® Products
Clean and Lube, High Spot Spray
Defend Ear Loop Mask
Paste on Prepasted Brushes