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Wires & Accessories

Buy 10, Get 5% off any wire order or 10% off of an all NiTi order

Get 10% off your wire order when you buy 10 packs of G4™ Nickel Titanium or M5™ Thermal Nickel Titanium wire or purchase 10 packs of any wire for 5% off your order.

Offer valid for doctors only. Please call +1 (317) 346-6655 for promotion code and other details.

Experience the Clinical Difference of G&H Archwires

G&H is recognized as the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires and G&H precision manufacturing processes make the difference.
  • Quality, precision manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Material science and engineering
  • Sourcing of premium alloy materials
  • Scientific testing protocols
  • Proven clinical performance for more than 40 years

G&H has proudly manufactured quality orthodontic wire in the USA for over 40 years.

G4 Nickel Titanium
  • Higher residual forces of recovery
  • Full shape recovery
  • Complete unraveling and archform development
Titanium Molybdenum
  • Accepts adaptation bends without breakage
  • Nickel–Free
  • Force levels 45% less than those of equivalent stainless steel
M5 Thermal Copper Nickel Titanium
  • Gentler loading forces for easier engagement
  • Precise temperature transformation of 35°C
  • Less susceptible to permanent deformation

Stainless Steel
  • 304v medical grade stainless
  • Consistent performance characteristics
Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Uniquely heat–treated and stress relieved
  • Increased resiliency
  • Consistent performance characteristics
Colboloy Blue Nickel Cobalt
  • Unique nickel cobalt alloy
  • Allows intricate bending
3 point deflection test
G4 niti hysteresis graph

Material Science / Scientific Testing

G&H Orthodontics is a recognized leader in manufacturing Nickel Titanium wire products. Continuous and meticulous testing of our wires ensures the high standards of performance we guarantee.

State-of-the-art stress/strain testing of Nickel Titanium wire is performed employing a three-point deflection test (fig. A) with a load cell probe impacting a wire and recording the forces throughout the range from deflection to recovery.

The test data (force vs. deflection) is validated on a daily basis to meet our stringent specifications. The data is then documented and archived on a hysteresis graph (fig. B).

View Force Value Graphs

archform shapes

33 Archforms Available!

No matter what your treatment goals, we have an archform. Compatible with the most popular prescriptions such as Roth, MBT, Damon*.

View our Archforms

*G&H prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor.

solo pack packaging

Solo–Pack™ Packaging

Next time you order, Solo–Pack™ your archwires to prevent cross contamination! Each wire is sealed in it’s own autoclavable pouch.