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Exam Gloves

Due to very high demand, exam gloves are currently not available. We hope to have them in stock soon. Please reach out to customer service if you have any questions.

Latex Gloves

Adenna® Gold Latex

  • Powder Free
  • 6.0 mil thickness
  • Non–slip, ’tacky’ surface that provides excellent grip for both dry and wet applications

Adenna® Bronze Latex

  • Powder Free
  • 5.0 mil thickness
  • Textured fingertip surface provides an excellent grip
  • Most affordable medical grade, powder free latex exam glove

Adenna® Platinum Latex

  • Powder Free
  • 5.5 mil thickness
  • Formulated with a thermal sensitive polymer coating
  • Fully textured surface provides excellent grip

SureCare® Latex

  • Powder Free
  • 6.4 mil thickness
  • Textured finish for grip
  • Beaded cuff for added support

Nitrile Gloves

Adenna® Miracle® Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • 3.5 mil thickness
  • Soft and very flexible, providing an excellent "skin–like" fit and feel

Adenna® Precision® Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • 4.0 mil thickness
  • Ultra soft and super stretchy
  • 91% clinical rating by The Dental Advisor (TDA)

Adenna® Night Angel® Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • 4.0 mil thickness
  • Ultra soft and super flexible

Adenna® NPF Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • 5.5 mil thickness
  • Superior puncture, tear, and chemical resistance
  • Suitable for "rugged" and rough applications and wear

Adenna® WNF Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • 4.3 mil thickness
  • Pure white color project a neutral, clean image
  • Formulated with 100% synthetic nitrile polymer

SureCare® Nitrile

  • Powder Free
  • Slightly thicker than standard exam glove
  • Fully textured outer finish

Vinyl Gloves

Adenna® VPF Vinyl

  • Powder Free
  • 3.9 mil thickness
  • Formulated from a special synthetic component and soft PVC material
  • Fit snugly and comfortably to the hands

SureCare® Vinyl

  • Powder Free
  • 100% non–latex
  • Smooth finish

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