Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 95 Elastomerics Patient Pack Dispenser Box Laminated cardboard construction & colorful artwork compliments operatory • Holds 50 patient packs • Resists moisture • Ensures fresh elastics - dry, clean storage Dispenser box stands on counter or fits in a convenient wall dispenser I.D. label clearly identifies elastics Patient-friendly easy to grab patient packs Dispenser for Carton Elastics dispenses up to four cartons of elastics. Recommended for use with Enchanted™ Series Elastics. Anodized aluminum. Ea. ELDS400 Dimensions: 3” deep x 12 7⁄ 8” long x 10” high 1/2” Extraoral Latex Elastics Available in bulk pouches of 1,000 elastics, natural latex and amber color only. 1,000/pkg. 8 oz. AX012B 16 oz. AXH12B Enchanted™ Series Latex Elastics All G&H® Enchanted™ Series Latex Elastics are packaged for quick and unique identification. G&H® manufactures amber and assorted color elastics from the finest surgical grade natural latex rubber to ensure reliable force delivery. Elastics are pre-packed in color coded Enchanted™ Patient Packs of 100 elastics and are dispensed from Enchanted™ Cartons—50 patient packs per box (5,000 total elastics). 1/8” (3.2mm) ORANGE (TEXT) BAG 3/16” (4.8mm) BLUE (TEXT) BAG 1/4” (6.4mm) GREEN (TEXT) BAG 5/16” (7.9mm) RED (TEXT) BAG 3/8” (9.5mm) PURPLE (TEXT) BAG LIGHT 2.5 oz. (70,88g) Leprechaun Amber 18LTAM Color N/A LIGHT 2.5 oz. (70,88g) Frog Prince Amber 36LTAM Color N/A LIGHT 2.5 oz. (70,88g) Giant Amber 14LTAM Color N/A LIGHT 2.5 oz. (70,88g) Centaur Amber 56LTAM Color N/A LIGHT 2.5 oz. (70,88g) Pirate Amber 38LTAM Color N/A MEDIUM 4.5 oz. (127,58g) Dragon Amber 18MDAM Color 18MDAC MEDIUM 4.5 oz. (127,58g) Genie Amber 36MDAM Color 36MDAC MEDIUM 4.5 oz. (127,58g) Sprite Amber 14MDAM Color 14MDAC MEDIUM 4.5 oz. (127,58g) Trumpeter Amber 56MDAM Color 56MDAC MEDIUM 4.5 oz. (127,58g) Barbarian Amber 38MDAM Color N/A HEAVY 6.5 oz. (184,28g) Wizard Amber 18HVAM Color 18HVAC HEAVY 6.5 oz. (184,28g) Unicorn Amber 36HVAM Color 36HVAC HEAVY 6.5 oz. (184,28g) Pegasus Amber 14HVAM Color 14HVAC HEAVY 6.5 oz. (184,28g) Knight Amber 56HVAM Color 56HVAC EX. HEAVY 8.5 oz. (240,98g) Gnome Amber 36XHAM Color N/A EX. HEAVY 8.5 oz. (240,98g) Minotaur Amber 14XHAM Color N/A EX. HEAVY 8.5 oz. (240,98g) Jester Amber 56XHAM Color N/A HEAVY 6.5 oz. (184,28g) Roman Soldier Amber 38HVAM Color N/A Each patient pack includes an elastics placement tool. The quality of Orthodontic elastics varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. Elastics manufacturers face significant challenges in controlling quality as massive quantities are produced. G&H® Orthodontics is a precision manufacturer of elastics and understands the importance of consistent force values. G&H® has developed manufacturing processes which include in-process testing to ensure the elastics we supply meet the stringent force value tolerances you require. G&H® elastics are precision cut to force value. Cleancut edges ensure consistent expansion and force. Manufacturing G&H® Elastics Fresh Latex – G&H® uses only Surgical Class I Grade natural latex with exacting I.D. and O.D. tolerances. Weekly shipments of tubing ensure fresh latex for maximum performance elastics. G&H® calibrated load cell testing regularly during production ensures exact and consistent force values. Elastics are tested at the industry standard expansion of 3 times passive diameter. Elastic samples are visually inspected and quality checked. ELASTIC PLACEMENT TOOL AVAILABLE ON PAGE 156