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78 G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: Wire Products Additional Archforms Additional Archform Shapes Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Optional Dimpled Midline For Dimpled Midline wires, add “D” to the end of part number – for Dimpled Solo-Pack™ add “DS”to the end of part number. Standard Pack 25 archwires/pack - order numbers as listed Solo-Pack™ 10 individually sealed autoclavable archwires per carton. For Solo-Pack™ wires, add “S” to the end of part number. Please allow 2-3 days for Solo-Pack™ packaging. ORDER OPTIONS Full-size archform shapes on page 77. G4™ Nickel Titanium Archwires STANDARD FORM TRUEFORM™ II BIOFORM I BIOFORM II BIOFORM IV BIOFORM V Size UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER .012 G4SFU012 G4SFL012 G4TFU112 G4TFL112 G4BF112 G4BF212 G4BF412 G4BF512 .014 G4SFU014 G4SFL014 G4TFU114 G4TFL114 G4BF114 G4BF214 G4BF414 G4BF514 .016 G4SFU016 G4SFL016 G4TFU116 G4TFL116 G4BF116 G4BF216 G4BF416 G4BF516 .018 G4SFU018 G4SFL018 G4TFU118 G4TFL118 G4BF118 G4BF218 G4BF418 G4BF518 .020 G4SFU020 G4SFL020 G4TFU120 G4TFL120 G4BF120 G4BF220 G4BF420 G4BF520 .016x.016 G4SFU1616 G4SFL1616 G4TFU3616 G4TFL3616 G4BF11616 G4BF21616 G4BF41616 G4BF51616 .016x.022 G4SFU1622 G4SFL1622 G4TFU3622 G4TFL3622 G4BF11622 G4BF21622 G4BF41622 G4BF51622 .017x.025 G4SFU1725 G4SFL1725 G4TFU3725 G4TFL3725 G4BF11725 G4BF21725 G4BF41725 G4BF51725 .018x.018 G4SFU1818 G4SFL1818 G4TFU3818 G4TFL3818 G4BF11818 G4BF21818 G4BF41818 G4BF51818 .018x.025 G4SFU1825 G4SFL1825 G4TFU3825 G4TFL3825 G4BF11825 G4BF21825 G4BF41825 G4BF51825 .019x.025 G4SFU1925 G4SFL1925 G4TFU3925 G4TFL3925 G4BF11925 G4BF21925 G4BF41925 G4BF51925 .020x.020 G4SFU2020 G4SFL2020 G4TFU3020 G4TFL3020 G4BF12020 G4BF22020 G4BF42020 G4BF52020 .021x.025 G4SFU2125 G4SFL2125 G4TFU3125 G4TFL3125 G4BF12125 G4BF22125 G4BF42125 G4BF52125 M5™ Thermal Copper Nickel Titanium Archwires STANDARD FORM TRUEFORM™ II BIOFORM I BIOFORM II BIOFORM IV BIOFORM V Size UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER .012 M5SFU012 M5SFL012 M5TFU112 M5TFL112 M5BF112 M5BF212 M5BF412 M5BF512 .014 M5SFU014 M5SFL014 M5TFU114 M5TFL114 M5BF114 M5BF214 M5BF414 M5BF514 .016 M5SFU016 M5SFL016 M5TFU116 M5TFL116 M5BF116 M5BF216 M5BF416 M5BF516 .018 M5SFU018 M5SFL018 M5TFU118 M5TFL118 M5BF118 M5BF218 M5BF418 M5BF518 .020 M5SFU020 M5SFL020 M5TFU120 M5TFL120 M5BF120 M5BF220 M5BF420 M5BF520 .016x.016 M5SFU1616 M5SFL1616 M5TFU3616 M5TFL3616 M5BF11616 M5BF21616 M5BF41616 M5BF51616 .016x.022 M5SFU1622 M5SFL1622 M5TFU3622 M5TFL3622 M5BF11622 M5BF21622 M5BF41622 M5BF51622 .017x.025 M5SFU1725 M5SFL1725 M5TFU3725 M5TFL3725 M5BF11725 M5BF21725 M5BF41725 M5BF51725 .018x.018 M5SFU1818 M5SFL1818 M5TFU3818 M5TFL3818 M5BF11818 M5BF21818 M5BF41818 M5BF51818 .018x.025 M5SFU1825 M5SFL1825 M5TFU3825 M5TFL3825 M5BF11825 M5BF21825 M5BF41825 M5BF51825 .019x.025 M5SFU1925 M5SFL1925 M5TFU3925 M5TFL3925 M5BF11925 M5BF21925 M5BF41925 M5BF51925 .020x.020 M5SFU2020 M5SFL2020 M5TFU3020 M5TFL3020 M5BF12020 M5BF22020 M5BF42020 M5BF52020 .021x.025 M5SFU2125 M5SFL2125 M5TFU3125 M5TFL3125 M5BF12125 M5BF22125 M5BF42125 M5BF52125