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71 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Wire Products Lingual A.J.Wilcock® Australian Combination Lingual Archwire A.J. Wilcock® lingual combination archwires are rectangular in the anterior segment to maintain torque while the round posterior segments allow sliding mechanics with reduced friction. Combination Lingual Archwires SIZE Anterior Posterior .016x.022 .016 AW671-622* .017x.025 .017 AW671-725* .019x.025 .019 AW671-925* .021x.025 .021 AW672-125* *Insert millimeter span of anterior segment 26 - 38 in 2 mm increments. A.J. Wilcock® is a registered trademark of A.J. Wilcock PTY. LTD. Rectangular Segment Round Segment A.J. Wilcock® Australian Wire Combination Lingual Archwire (Shown actual size) Transition Point Multi-Strand Wire The most popular wire for bonded lingual retainers, .0175 – 7-Strand (Twisted) stainless steel wire, available in 14” straight lengths or 30” spools. See complete product details on page 72. Bond-A-Braid® The dead-soft wire easily adapts and is excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic retention. See complete product details on page 102. Ortho-Flextech® The next generation in lingual retention: using solid gold or stainless steel chain retainer. See complete product details on page 102. Retanium™ Single strand nickel-free titanium flat metal ribbon is ideal for semipermanent splinting and maintaining difficult extraction sites. See complete product details on page 102. Wire Bonder/ Mini-Mold Each mold is designed to pack with light cure adhesive, press against tooth, cure and peel away mold leaving a formed auxiliary on any tooth in just minutes. See complete product details on page 109. Adhesives Flowtain® Flowtain is a flowable light cured composite with low viscosity which makes it ideal for bonded lingual retainers and splints. See complete product details on page 99. LCR® Adhesive LCR® is a light cure retainer adhesive. See complete product details on page 99. Fiber Reinforced Composites • everStick® Ortho See complete product details on page 110. Wires of various alloys and dimensions are frequently used clinically to fabricate bonded lingual retainers. Below are some of the favorite choices of contemporary orthodontists. Bonded Lingual Retainers A.J. Wilcock® combination wires are not available in Solo-Pack™ packaging. Bond-A-Braid® and Ortho-Flextech® images © 2010 Reliance Orthodontics, Inc. All rights Reserved. Bond-A-Braid® and Ortho-Flextech® are registered trademarks of Reliance Orthodontics, Inc.