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57 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Wire Products Nickel Titanium G4™ Pre-Stopped Nickel TitaniumArchwires Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics ORDER OPTIONS Standard Pack 25 archwires/pack - order numbers as listed. Optional Solo-Pack™ 10 individually sealed autoclavable archwires per carton. For Solo-Pack™ wires, change “B” to “S” in part number. Please allow 2-3 days for Solo-Pack™ packaging. Eliminates the need to apply stops to archwires. Pre-loaded stops allow positioning as desired, then stay put until crimped. Properly tempered stops crimp easily and securely. ROTH1 MBT2 SQUARE MBT2 OVOID MBT2 TAPERED DAMON°-COMPATIBLE TRUEFORM™ I EUROPA™ I BIOFORM III EUROPA™ II SIZE UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER UPPER LOWER .012 G4TFU012CB G4TFL012CB G4EFU012CB G4EFL012CB G4BF3U012CB G4BF3L012CB G4EFU112CB G4EFL112CB .013 – – – – – – G4EFU113CB G4EFL113CB .014 G4TFU014CB G4TFL014CB G4EFU014CB G4EFL014CB G4BF3U014CB G4BF3L014CB G4EFU114CB G4EFL114CB .016 G4TFU016CB G4TFL016CB G4EFU016CB G4EFL016CB G4BF3U016CB G4BF3L016CB G4EFU116CB G4EFL116CB .018 G4TFU018CB G4TFL018CB G4EFU018CB G4EFL018CB G4BF3U018CB G4BF3L018CB G4EFU118CB G4EFL118CB .020 G4TFU020CB G4TFL020CB G4EFU020CB G4EFL020CB G4BF3U020CB G4BF3L020CB G4EFU120CB G4EFL120CB .014x.025 – – G4EFU1425CB G4EFL1425CB – – G4EFU3425CB G4EFL3425CB .016x.016 G4TFU1616CB G4TFL1616CB G4EFU1616CB G4EFL1616CB G4BF3U1616CB G4BF3L1616CB G4EFU3616CB G4EFL3616CB .016x.022 G4TFU1622CB G4TFL1622CB G4EFU1622CB G4EFL1622CB G4BF3U1622CB G4BF3L1622CB G4EFU3622CB G4EFL3622CB .016x.025 – – G4EFU1625CB G4EFL1625CB – – G4EFU3625CB G4EFL3625CB .017x.017 – – G4EFU1717CB G4EFL1717CB – – G4EFU3717CB G4EFL3717CB .017x.025 G4TFU1725CB G4TFL1725CB G4EFU1725CB G4EFL1725CB G4BF3U1725CB G4BF3L1725CB G4EFU3725CB G4EFL3725CB .018x.018 G4TFU1818CB G4TFL1818CB G4EFU1818CB G4EFL1818CB G4BF3U1818CB G4BF3L1818CB G4EFU3818CB G4EFL3818CB .018x.025 G4TFU1825CB G4TFL1825CB G4EFU1825CB G4EFL1825CB G4BF3U1825CB G4BF3L1825CB G4EFU3825CB G4EFL3825CB .019x.025 G4TFU1925CB G4TFL1925CB G4EFU1925CB G4EFL1925CB G4BF3U1925CB G4BF3L1925CB G4EFU3925CB G4EFL3925CB .020x.020 G4TFU2020CB G4TFL2020CB G4EFU2020CB G4EFL2020CB G4BF3U2020CB G4BF3L2020CB G4EFU3020CB G4EFL3020CB Full-size archform shapes on page 50. Stops slide and stick for desired positioning prior to crimping Tooth-Colored Pre-Stopped G4™ NiTi Archwires EUROPA™ II SIZE UPPER LOWER .014 G4EFU114CBT G4EFL114CBT .016 G4EFU116CBT G4EFL116CBT .018 G4EFU118CBT G4EFL118CBT .016x.027 G4EFU3627CBT G4EFL3627CBT .018x.025 G4EFU3825CBT G4EFL3825CBT .019x.025 G4EFU3925CBT G4EFL3925CBT Standard Pack Tooth-Colored 10/pkg. • Eliminate NiTi archwire migration through the slots • Applicable with all bracket systems and techniques • Highly indicated for any self-ligating bracket system • Maintain anterior space consolidation • Annealed stops crimp evenly and securely • Pre-loaded stops save chairtime - just position and crimp • Stops slide and stick for desired positioning prior to crimping 1G&H® prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor. 2MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek. °G&H® Orthodontics is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ormco Corporation or Dr. Dwight Damon.