Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 49 Wire Products Varieties M5™ THERMAL COPPER NICKEL TITANIUM Available in: • All Archforms • Pre-Stopped • Lingual Arches • Reverse Curve G4™ NICKEL TITANIUM Available in: • All Archforms • Pre-Stopped • Lingual Arches • Pre-Torqued • G4orce™Triple Force • Ultraesthetic™ Tooth-Colored • Reverse Curve LOOPED STAINLESS STEEL Available in: • Trueform™ • T-Loop • Keyhole Loop Archwire Varieties in Every Alloy Precision manufactured by G&H® in the U.S.A. POSTED STAINLESS STEEL Available in: • 4 Archforms • Heat-Treated w/Brass Ball-Post • Straight Brass Post REVERSE CURVE NICKEL TITANIUM Available in: • RC 1 & 3 • Europa™ II • Pre-Stopped • Pre-Torqued • Thermal Copper • Ultraesthetic™Tooth-Colored MULTI-STRAND STAINLESS STEEL Available in: • 2 Archforms • Four Strand Varieties: 3-Strand (twisted) 6-Strand (coaxial) 7-Strand (twisted) 8-Strand (woven) TitanMoly™ TITANIUMMOLYBDENUM Available in: • 5 Archforms • T-Loop • Lingual Arches ULTRAESTHETIC™ TOOTH-COLORED Available in: • 5 Archforms • G4™ NiTi • Stainless Steel • Reverse Curve • Pre-Stopped XR1™ HEAT-TREATED STAINLESS STEEL Available in: • All Archforms • Brass Ball-Post Posted Arches TOP SELLER! TOP SELLER! S304 VM STAINLESS STEEL Available in: • All Archforms • Ultraesthetic™ Tooth-Colored • Lingual Arches TOP SELLER! TOP SELLER! G&H Solo-Pack™ autoclavable packaging G&H is at the forefront in the industry in providing autoclavable, individual archwire packaging consistent with the highest standards of hygiene. (Previously called BT3™ Beta Titanium) Archform Templates Sturdy clear plastic cards with G&H archform shapes of our most popular forms. Easily compare wire shapes to template, or use to match shape when forming archwires, or overlay on models. Kits include 2 cards: (1) template of NiTi form and (1) template of stainless steel form. (Archwires not included) Dimensions: 3½”W x 4”H Trueform™ Kit: GHTFIKITC Europa™I Kit: GHEFIKITC Europa™II Kit: GHEFIIKITC Bioform III Kit: GHBFIIIKITC Standard Form Kit: GHSFKITC Archwire Pack Storage Boxes These storage containers give you the ability to neatly organize your archwire products from G&H. Bulk wire box holds up to 60 archwire sleeves Solo-Pack™ box holds up to 24 solo-pack™ boxes. Each box Includes 10 dividers which allows you to separate wires by type. Boxes sold separately. (Archwires not included) Dimensions: Bulk box - 2.5”W x 7”L x 3”H. SoloPack™ box - 3½”W x 12”L x 3”H Bulk wire box AWSCSLD Solo-Pack™ box AWSCSOD