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47 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Auxiliaries Bands Auxiliary Attachments Freddy™ By Gestenco International AB Ceramic Buttons 10/pkg. Maintains the transparent look with aligners as anchorage for elastics. Works lingually & labially. Anatomical mesh base for strong bond fits all teeth. 10/pkg. FCB-00-01 Lingual Cleats Weldable Bondable Large 8.1mm Ea. – M015B-01 Small 5.3mm Ea. – M015B-02 Gull Wing 4.2mm Ea. M015-03 M015B-03 Weldable Lingual Sheaths Universal Ea. M040-01 Direct Bond Coil Eyelets Round base with .036 inside dia. opening. Ea. M006B-01 Direct Bond Composite Eyelets 5/pkg. CMEYE Weldable Buttons 20/pkg. Flat WLBF20 Curved WLBC20 Direct Bond Buttons 20/pkg. Flat F9060-00 Curved F9070-00 Weldable Cleats Ea. Short WLCLEATS Long WLCLEATL Weldable Lingual Sheaths 10/pkg. .036” Right - w/Hook WLS055R .036” Left - w/Hook WLS055L WLS055L WLS055R Buttons The domed head allows for maximum patient comfort. Weldable Bondable Semi-Flat Ea. M020-01 – Semi-Flat Low Prof. Ea. M020-02 – Mini Ea. – M021B-01 (M021B-01 also available in pack of 20 - M021B-01-20) Weldable Lingual Sheaths With window, indent, and mesial ball hook. UR/LL Ea. M040-04 UL/LR Ea. M040-05 Weldable, Universal Lingual Sheaths With no window, with indent. Ea. M040-06 Weldable Small Bondable Large Bondable Freddy™ By Gestenco International AB Ceramic Hook Introducing the Freddy Hook, a smooth, low profile ellipse shaped clear ceramic hook. An aesthetic auxiliary that matches perfectly to aligner and lingual appliances. 10/pkg. FCB-00-01HK Weldable, Universal Seating Lug Ea. M010-04 Eruption Appliance Extrusion Hook w/Chain Bondable to cuspids impacted palatally or labially. 14k gold and titanium nitride-coated hook & chain reduces possibility of allergic reactions. Ea. EXHK14K Weldable Lingual Sheaths With window, indent and distal ball hook. UR/LL Ea. M040-09 UL/LR Ea. M040-10 M040-05 M040-04 M040-09 M040-10 Flat Curved Citizen™ By Gestenco International AB Stainless Steel Extrusion Hook Mesh pad for secure bonding. 10/pkg. CIB-00-03