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42 G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: Bands Molar/Bicuspid bands FEATURES INCLUDE: • Precision-shaped tooth anatomy for a tight, secure fit with excellent retention. Our distinct right and left anatomy is completely proportioned in all planes and for each band size. • Stainless steel that exhibits properties of “hardness” for strength to avoid wall collapse when fitting, yet is malleable enough for “snap” fitting that requires little or no burnishing. • Increased buccal height for greater flexibility in the placement and positioning of buccal tubes and lingual attachments. • Interiors are micro-etched to provide a rough ended surface for increased bond strength. • Permanently etched using an electro chemical etching process for easy permanent identification. • 36 upper and lower sizes graduated in even, closely spaced increments for improved fit. Saturn™ bands are available in 36 sizes (full-size increments) and Titan™ bands are available in 30 sizes (half-size increments). Whether you are upgrading from your current band system or are just starting out, G&H® has a band system to meet your specifications. Manufactured under stringent quality control measures, you can count on Titan™ and Saturn™ anatomical molar band systems to meet the demands of your orthodontic practice. Also available – Band Seating Instruments - (See page 118) FESTOONED EDGES no sharp edges for maximum patient comfort ANATOMICALLY CONTOURED for fast placement and accurate fit IDEALLY TEMPERED for easy contouring MICRO ETCHED INTERIOR SURFACE ensures maximum retention Providing a secure fit you can count on! Precision-shaped tooth anatomy for a tight, secure fit and excellent retention, time after time. Plastic Band Organizer with Lid Plastic band organizers are designed for proper band storage and will fit most band cabinets. Included with kit purchase. Titan™ Plastic Band Organizer M620-01 (Sizes 29 1⁄ 2 to 44) Saturn™ Plastic Band Organizer M630-01 (Sizes 1 to 32) Stackable Band Organizer • Modular interlocking design • Constructed with high quality durable plastic • Accommodates our plastic band organizer (ordered separately) Stackable Band Organizer S407-01 FREE PREWELDING SERVICE Ordering bands with attachments can be a time consuming process, not to mention the time and expertise required to weld the attachment. G&H® offers complimentary welding with all of our appliances. When we receive an order, the weld specifications are kept on file so reorders utilizing the same appliances and weld specifications can be simplified by asking us to duplicate your last order. We can even provide you with our order form to further facilitate processing. G&H® also offers “custom” welding to meet specific prescriptions. However, you will find that our standard weld specifications will satisfy most prescriptions. Additionally, we will weld appliances from other companies at a nominal charge, but the appliances and weld specifications must be submitted when the order is placed.