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37 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Convertible Buccal Tubes Viper™ Buccal Tubes Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Combination Convertible Individual tubes by tooth sold in packages of 10 Maxillary 1st Molar Torque Offset Rx M/D R/L .018 .022 .018 .022 -10° 8° Roth1 4.2 mm R CC3-805-X CC3-205-X CC3B-805E-X CC3B-205E-X L CC3-806-X CC3-206-X CC3B-806E-X CC3B-206E-X -14° 10° MBT2 4.2 mm R CC3-817-X CC3-217-X CC3B-817E-X CC3B-217E-X L CC3-818-X CC3-218-X CC3B-818E-X CC3B-218E-X MALLEABLE COMFORT BALL HOOK enhances patient comfort and avoids gingival impingement ANGLED MESIAL EXTENSION TAB to facilitate removal, simply “peel” the cap away using a Weingart or How plier FULL FUNNELED ENTRANCE helps guide wire into buccal tube TORQUE-IN-BASE for easier alignment with optimal functional occlusion and case finishing METAL INJECTION MOLDED (MIM) STAINLESS STEEL 80 GAUGE INDENTED MESH PAD for an anatomically formed fit and maximum bond strength BRAZE for maximum adhesion between the tube and mesh AMPLE TIE WING AREA for easy ligation CONVERTIBLE CAPS integrally molded for a consistent and predictable conversion .045 headgear tube VIPER™ CV C O M B I N A T I O N B U C C A L T U B E S Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Weldable Bondable !G&H® prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor. 2MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek Corporation.