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35 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Non-Convertible Buccal Tubes Viper™ Buccal Tubes Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Maxillary & Mandibular 2nd Molar Torque Offset M/D R/L ID .018 .022 0° 0° 2.5 mm UR/LL t NS4B-821-X NS4B-221-X UL/LR t NS4B-822-X NS4B-222-X -10° 0° 2.5 mm UR • NS4B-831-X NS4B-231-X UL • NS4B-832-X NS4B-232-X -14° 0° 2.5 mm UR/LL • NS4B-835-X NS4B-235-X UL/LR • NS4B-836-X NS4B-236-X -25° 0° 2.5 mm LR n NS4B-833-X NS4B-233-X LL n NS4B-834-X NS4B-234-X Viper™ Low Profile Mini 2nd Tube Specially designed for partially erupted 2nd Molars. Viper™ Mini Low Profile Buccal Tubes incorporate all the great features of our standard Viper™ series, but in a small featurerich design that allows for earlier bonding of partially erupted second molars. The Viper’s trumpeted entrance facilitates easy wire insertion. Wires are guided easily and gently into Viper’s expansive entrance, simplifying archwire adjustments and saving valuable chair time. Bonds with less effort by the clinician and less soft tissue trauma to the patient. Specially designed for partially erupted 2nd Molars • Single piece construction • 2.5mm mesiodistal length !G&H® prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor. 2MBT is a trademark of 3M Unitek Corporation. Mini 2nd Tube Individual tubes by tooth sold in packages of 10