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33 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Non-Convertible Buccal Tubes VIPER™ Low Profile Buccal Tubes Sleek and stylish, G&H®’s Viper™ buccal tube incorporates the latest design technology with a growing industry demand for comfortable, easy-to-use appliances that simplify treatment and reduce valuable chair time. LOW PROFILE to avoid occlusal interference TORQUE-IN-BASE for easier alignment with optimal functional occlusion and case finishing FULL FUNNELED ENTRANCE helps guide wire into buccal tube METAL INJECTION MOLDED (MIM) STAINLESS STEEL MALLEABLE COMFORT BALL HOOK enhances patient comfort and avoids gingival impingement PERMANENT COLOR ENHANCED I.D. marks on the facial surface assist in bonding and positioning Viper was designed with specific geometric indents for each prescription. They are color coded on the facial surface to help identify molar quadrants and assist with final positioning 4.2mm MESIAL/ DISTAL DIMENSION for full rotational control DISTAL NOTCH provides additional anchorage for ligation and tieback of auxiliaries COMPOUND CONTOUR BASE anatomically conforms to the tooth and provides proper fit and appliance expression OCCLUSAL/GINGIVAL POSITIONING GUIDES allow for easy placement at the posterior region and assist with minor adjustments prior to curing the adhesive 80 GAUGE INDENTED MESH PAD for an anatomically formed fit and maximum bond strength (Also available on a weldable flange) Confidence is in the Design Achieving stronger, more consistent bonds in every case is made possible by unique pad designs that accommodate a wide array of treatment needs. Developmental Indent Because precise positioning is critical in establishing an effective treatment and avoiding occlusal interference with opposing teeth, we designed our bond pads with pronounced developmental indents to make locating the optimal bonding position a snap. Unique Pad Design A uniquely crafted distal gingival cutout enables the bonding of partially erupted molars without sacrificing the size and strength of the pad. Molded Compound Contour Base Anatomically conforms to the tooth and provides proper fit and appliance expression. 80 Gauge Mesh Featuring an 80 gauge mesh base in three different pad configurations, our direct bond tubes are sure to meet all of your treatment needs. Large Indented Pad Small Indented Pad .260” (6.604mm) .200” (5.08mm) .120” (3.048mm) .1150” (2.921mm) LOW PROFILE B U C C A L T U B E S VIPER™ Viper™ Buccal Tubes Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics Innovative technology and sleek, stylish comfort