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21 (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Aesthetic Bracket Systems “I love how you can hardly tell I’m wearing braces! I feel more confident to smile.” Heather, actual patient, wearing G&H quality U.S. manufactured Agility® Ceramic system. TOOTH-COLORED G4™ NITI AND S3™ STAINLESS STEEL ARCHWIRES CERAMIC INJECTION MOLDED AGILITY® CERAMIC BRACKETS BAMBINO™ TIES, ELASTOMERIC LIGATURE TIES DYNA-LINK™ ELASTOMERIC CHAIN ARCHWIRES BRACKETS ELASTOMERICS As the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires, we use a proprietary epoxy coating which is durable, stain resistant, and just the right shade. Our polycrystalline ceramic injection molded brackets are nearly invisible with a revolutionary bonding base for a secure bond and routine easy debonding. Our Bambino™ ties offer a softer feel for positive engagement and allow retention to any size bracket. Available in 33 colors including clear and pearl shown. Our Dyna-Link™ chain provides gentle, predictable tooth movement with superior memory and rebound. Available in 3 spacing variations and in 33 colors including clear and pearl shown. AESTHETIC SYSTEMS MANUFACTURED BY G&H® IN THE U.S.A. Nickel titanium tooth-colored archwires, page 56 – stainless steel tooth-colored archwires page 65 Agility® Ceramic Brackets, page 22 Bambino™ Ties, page 89 Dyna-Link™ Chain, page 92 G&H Precision Manufactured Aesthetic Bracket Systems