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2 G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H® Manufactures all clinical/intraoral product groups G4™ NiTi, S3™ Stainless, & TitanMoly titanium molybdenum archwires Metal injection molded miniPrevail®Twin brackets Bambino™ Ties, elastomeric ligature ties Dyna-Link™ elastomeric chain ARCHWIRES BRACKETS ELASTOMERICS As the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires, G&H knows the integral role the archwire plays in achieving successful clinical outcomes. miniPrevail®TWIN brackets are constructed of a specialized micrograin stainless steel MIM powder, ideal for creating small, robust appliances that are inherently stronger and more dimensionally accurate than other similar brackets. Our Bambino™ ties offer a softer feel for positive engagement and allow retention to any size bracket. Available in 33 colors. Our Dyna-Link™ chain provides gentle, predictable tooth movement with superior memory and rebound. Available in 3 spacing variations and in 33 colors. Nickel titanium, page 55 Titanium molybdenum, page 63 Stainless Steel, page 64 miniPrevail®TWIN brackets, page 4 Bambino™ Ties, page 89 Dyna-Link™ Chain, page 92