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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 154 Plak Smacker® Ultra Thin Threaders 10 Threaders/Envelope, 100 Envelopes/pkg. Ea. 10412 Gumpik™ Interproximal Picks Assorted in 6 bright colors. 48 Picks/envelope, 48 envelopes/ box Ea. 2400 Butler Gum® Eez Thru® Floss Threaders Helps thread floss under orthodontic appliances. 5 threaders per envelope, 100 envelopes/box 840P Patient Supplies Disposable Toothbrushes Excellent for short-term use and as a low-cost brush for patients. Pre-pasted brushes are perfect for office visits. 100/pkg. Regular TB-25PW Pre-pasted TB-25WITH Disposable Toothbrushes Soft end rounded bristles with U.S. formulated paste. Straight, polypropylene 6.5” handle w/ narrow neck. 100/pkg. Pre-pasted 10917A Plain 10918 Pre-pasted Plain Toothbrush Covers Assorted colors. 144/pkg. 200TBX-A Butler Gum® - Red Disclosing Tablets Helps detect harmful plaque on teeth. The red color reveals overlooked areas when brushing or flossing. 250/pkg. 00690112 Interproximal Brushes Elastomeric handle for better gripping control with protective cap that is an extended handle. 72/pkg. Blue 20046 Green 20047 Sand Tooth Brushing Timers 3-minute sand timers. 72/pkg. 20403 Plaksmaker® Interproximal Brushes The clear cover conveniently converts into a handle. 5 assorted colors. 144/pkg. 00027 Interproximal Brush This travel interproximal brush is the perfect hygiene tool for patients on the go. The clear cover conveniently converts into a handle, and the brushes are packaged in an assortment of colors. Colors include black, blue, red, purple, green and yellow. 100 brushes/pkg. 2mm - 3mm 2500 2mm - 4mm 2600 3mm - 7mm 2650 Brush cover converts to a handle Convenient Travel Toothbrushes Travel brushes come in assorted translucent colored covers which convert to a handle. Straight bristles, 72/pkg. 00129 V-Cut bristles, 72/pkg. 00122