Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 153 Patient Supplies Sonic Cleaner Gets appliances, including retainers, sparkling clean in 5-10 minutes. When used in conjunction with Retainer Brite® tablets. Cleans deep - at 6,500 waves per second, and is a compact 31⁄2” x 4”. Operates on two AA batteries (not included). Six-month replacement warranty included. Ea. SCL NOTE: Sonic Cleaner and Retainer Brite are US sales only. Retainer Brite® Retainer Brite® cleaning tablets clean retainers, nightguards, mouthguards, splints and most other removable appliances. • Helps remove plaque & tartar • Kills germs & bacteria • Cleans & brightens appliances 96 total tablets (bulk packed) RB-92 36 total tablets (bulk packed) RB-36 Alcohol-Free Listerine® Zero (6) 1.3 liter bottles 257-1414 Cool Mint Listerine® 1.5 liter bottle 42755 Refill Patient Floss 200 yard refill. Ea. Mint 2733 Regular 2749 Johnson & Johnson® Waxed Floss 5 yards. 144/pkg. Regular 9863 Mint 9864 Refillable Floss Dispenser Ea. 207FSD Waterpik® Power Flosser Clinically proven as effective and easier to use than manual floss. Replaceable AA battery included. Ea. FLA-220 Butler Gum® Eez Thru® Flossers Convenient on-the-go flossing. Super slick floss slides easily between teeth without shredding, breaking, or sagging. 3 Flossers/pack, 48 packs/box. Ea. 891PA Gum™ Soft-Picks GUM™ Soft-Picks have 76 soft, rubber bristles that easily slide between teeth and braces to remove food. They clean deep and are more gentle on gums than wooden or plastic picks. 5 Picks/envelope, 72 envelopes/box Ea. 632P