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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 152 Retainer Cases These are the finest retainer cases specially designed for G&H® to be patient friendly & functional. Multi-Color (15 colors) 50/pkg RETAS Neon (Assorted colors) 50/pkg RET050 Basic (Assorted colors) 50/pkg RET150 • Unique Design • One-Piece Vented Construction • One-Handed Easy Release Secure locking mechanism keeps the case closed while a one-handed, easy-open release is featured. Varieties of colors give patients a wide choice. Patient Friendly Design • Easy-Open – One-hand release • Sleek Design – Goes anywhere • 15 Different Colors, – Patient choice • Vented Air Holes – Retainers stay fresh Quality Construction • Heavy Gauge Plastic – Durable • One-Piece Construction – Sturdy & Unbreakable • Everlasting Hinge Design – Long Life • Stays Closed – Positive Lock-Tight Latch • Right Size – Big enough for appliance, small enough to fit in pocket or purse Order Options • Wide Selection – 15 colors • Single-Color Packs – Any color • 50 Cases to a Pack – Single or Multi-color Single Color Pack 50/pkg. Black RETBK Purple RETPP Pink RETPK Red RETRD Blue RETBL Turquoise RETTQ Royal Blue RETRB Yellow RETYE Silver RETSV Fl. Yellow RETYW Green RETGN Clear RETCL Dk. Green RETGR White RETWH Orange RETOR Dimensions: 1” deep, 31⁄8” wide, 25⁄8” front to back Ultra-Guard Mouth Guards 10/pkg. W/Strap W/O Strap Assorted 58000D 58100D Red 58001D 58101D Green 58002D N/A Yellow 58003D 58103D Blue 58004D 58104D Black 58005D 58105D Clear 58006D 58106D 12/pkg. Individually wrapped W/Strap W/O Strap Assorted 24000 24100 Clear 24006 24106 Patient Supplies You’ll find what you need in our full line of quality products! From lab supplies to clinical treatment products, G&H offers more than 6,000 brand-name items and precision G&H manufactured products. Order online at: Looking for patient supplies? Ortho Organizers Retainer Cases 13⁄8” Depth. 25/pkg. Assorted 640-100 Aqua 640-119 Black 640-117 Blue 640-113 Clear 640-116 Glow (Assorted) 640-101 Green 640-114 Neon Pink 640-110 Orange 640-111 Purple 640-118 Red 640-112 Yellow 640-115