Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 149 Equipment Clinical Supplies Danville Engineering® MicroEtcher II-A The MicroEtcher IIA is recognized as one of the most valuable tools for orthodontists. The MicroEtcher provides precise surface microroughening, improving bond strength up to 400%. Surface area and surface reactivity is dramatically increased for maximum bond. Sandblasting is fast and easy with most surface roughening procedures requiring only a few seconds. • Totally autoclavable • Fast & easy cement removal • Finger button control Ea. 22005-01 Danville Engineering® MicroEtcher ERC The economical MicroEtcher ERC model offers the same performance and durability as the MicroEtcher II and IIA. The nozzle rotates 360° but is not removable. ERC can be cold sterilized but not autoclaved. It is not intended for intraoral use, and features stainless construction. • Finger button control • Clean & prepare orthodontic brackets • Nozzle can be swivelled 90° to either side Ea. 21000-03 Replacement Oxide Jars Ea. Microetcher II/II-A 201502-00 Microetcher ERC 25026 Quick Disconnect Kit Quick disconnect kits allow easy connection to house air. Full pressure air line is cut and slid onto barbed tee. Ea. Lab 44007 Quick Disconnect Male Assembly Ea. 44020 Microetcher II Nozzle Interchangeable nozzles for the MicroEtcher II and II-A. New smaller .032” tip is ideal for intraoral applications as it reduces the amount of dust and provides for a more focused pattern of abrasive. Ea. .048” Reg. 201802-00 .032” Slim 201865-00 Sand Traps for Microetcher Soft plastic spheres slip onto high speed suction, and with the MicroEtcher tip inserted through the top opening, traps the abrasive. 15/pkg. 22006 Etchmaster® 4-Hole Handpiece Starter Kit Kit includes: EtchMaster® handpiece, 5 regular and 5 lingual small BE/50 hard abrasive tips. Attaches chairside. Kit EMHA Hard Abrasive Tips 50 micron aluminum oxide. Typically for restorative, preventive sealants, orthodontic brackets, and cosmetic bonding. 25/pkg. Large - Lingual EMTLL Large - Regular EMTRL Small - Lingual EMTLS Small - Regular EMTRS Ram Power 45 Micro Motor/ Variable Speed Variable speed dial 0-45,000 rpm. Safety overload protection and reset button. Selection for forward/ reverse direction. Variable speed foot pedal. Ea. RAMPOWER45SETB Ram® Vibrator 6”x8” Table Ea. VIBLG Metal Plaster Trap An excellent plaster trap for offices or small labs. Top-mounted drain valve offers instant runoff benefits and the side sight-hole shows when the internal bag is filled. Aluminum construction with removable poly bags. 23⁄4 gallon capacity. 101⁄2” H x 91⁄4” W. 10 year warranty. Ea. 7000360