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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 148 Clinical Supplies Hygienic/Equipment Latex Multi-Use Barriers For use with pens, pencils, scalers, mirror handles, bite blocks, toggle switches and much more. 500/pkg. 088-058 Biohazard Sharps Containers 1 Qt. SC-01QT 4 Qt. SC-04QT 8 Qt. SC-08QT MicroCab Filter Fits MicroCab, MicroCab Plus+, and MicroCab+. (New). Ea. 49055 Microcab Hand Guards MicroCab, 2/pkg. 59024 MicroCab Plus+ AND MicroCab+ (New), 2/pkg. 91518 MicroCab Window For MicroCab only. (MicroCab+ and MicroCab Plus+ window parts listed below). Ea. 49105 Protective Shield, 5”x5”x7” 10/pkg. 201359 Replacement Windows MicroCab Plus+, 10/pkg. 91286 MicroCab+ (New), 10/pkg. 93817 MacroCab Filter MacroCab, Ea. 116545 MacroCab Plus, Ea. 91557 Danville Engineering® Macrocab Plus Compact, yet larger than MicroCab, unit offering an efficient and comfortable design where you only insert your fingers with handpiece to work. Bright, fluorescent light provides ideal illumination. Featuring built-in dust collection/ filtration system. Dimensions: 7” H x 10” W x 14” D. • Large, compact and versatile for easy use • Super quiet suction system • Built-in bright, fluorescent lighting • Swing open access to easily clean filter • 110v Ea. 91556 MacroCab Window For MacroCab only. Ea. 185508 Protective Shield, 10/pkg. 201360 Please note individual component parts exist for MacroCab Plus (New), and MacroCab units. Please verify which unit you are ordering components for. Appropriate components for each unit are available as listed. MacroCab Hand Guards MacroCab, 2/pkg. 59026 MacroCab Plus, 2/pkg. 91518 Replacement Windows For MacroCab Plus only. 10/pkg. 93960 MacroCab Hand Guard MacroCab Plus Hand Guard Aluminum Oxide 1 lb. 90 Mic. - Tan 15201 50 Mic. - White 15301 Danville Engineering® MicroEtcher II All the performance and applications offered by the model IIA. Only the nozzle is autoclavable. All stainless construction. Replaceable carbide tip. • Nozzle can be rotated 360° and removable for autoclaving • Fast & easy cement removal • Finger button control Ea. 22000-03