Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 145 Hygienic Clinical Supplies Sure-Check® Sterilization Pouch Gives you the assurance of confirming all 3 sterilization parameters: time, temperature and presence of steam. 200/pkg. 51⁄4”x10” SCM2 31⁄2”x9” SCS2 31⁄2”x51⁄4” SCXS2 21⁄4”x4” SCXX2 Sure-Check® Sterilization Strips Indicates all conditions for sterilization have been achieved - time, temperature, and presence of steam. 100/box SCK EMS Sterilizer Monitoring Service The EMS is certified for use in steam, dry heat, and EO gas processes. 12/pkg. EMS-012 52/pkg. EMS-052 Nyclave® Dry Heat Indicator Labels Pressure sensitive - changes color with dry heat sterilizer temperatures. 125/box 862-1747 Indicator Tape Chemical indicator lines will show a visual color change from beige to dark brown/black when exposed to the steam sterilization process. 3⁄4” - 60 yd./roll STLF18MM 1⁄2” - 60 yd./roll STLF12MM Highly Permeable CSR Wrap Use with ETO, steam, gamma irradiation or E-beam sterilization technology. 100/pkg. 12”x12” SW12 15”x15” SW15 18”x18” SW18 20”x20” SW20 Crosstex® Sani-Tube® Use in steam, chemical vapor or dry heat (up to 425°F/218°C). 2”x100’/roll SI2 3”x100’/roll SI3 4”x100’/roll SI4 6”x100’/roll SI6 Braided Wrapped Richmond/Tidi Cotton Rolls Braided - Rolls are braided with silky yarn. Non-sterile. 3⁄8”x11⁄2” Med. - 2,000/box 200204 4” Medium - 200/box 201226 6” Medium - 200/box 201208 Wrapped - 100% cotton interior. Wrapped in non-woven fabric and starch-free. Non-sterile. 3⁄8”x11⁄2” Med. - 2,000/box 200404 5⁄16”x11⁄2” - 2,000/box 969120 3⁄8”x6” - 500/box 969122 Crosstex® Cotton Rolls Non-sterile, made from 100% cotton. 11⁄2”x3⁄8” - 2,000/box DNAC White Cotton Roll Holder Holds one pkg. of cotton rolls. Ea. 1426 Cotton Roll Dispenser Hinged lid for easy loading. Holds one pkg. of rolls. Ea. 207CRD-1 Crosstex® Cotton Tip Applicators 1,000/box 3” CS-3000 6” CS-6000