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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 142 Clinical Supplies Hygienic/Disinfectant Metrex® Cavicide® Disinfectant 4 gallons/case Gal. 13-1000 24 oz. w/Pump 13-1024 Discide® Ultra Disinfectant 4 gallons/case. Gal. 3565G Qt. 3565Q Towelettes Discide® Ultra 12 Canisters/Case. 6”x6” - 160 wipes/canister 60DIS Towelettes Caviwipes™ CaviWipes™ are durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towelettes that offer quick, easy-to-use, time-saving convenience. 12 canisters/case. 6”x6” - 160 wipes/canister 13-1100 9”x12” - 65 wipes/canister 13-1150 Wall Mount Caviwipes™ Dispenser Mount the brackets on walls to increase convenience and compliance of surface disinfection. For use with CaviWipes™ canisters only. Ea. 13-1175 Towelettes Sani-Cloth® Plus Germicidal 12 Canisters/Case. 6”x6” - 160 wipes/canister SANLS Towelettes Sanitex Plus® 12 Canisters/Case. 6”x6” - 160 wipes/canister SANLC Opti-Cide 3® Disinfectant 4 gallons/case. Gal. OCP04-128 24 oz. w/pump OCS12-024 Ultradose General Purpose Cleaner This powder cleans instruments, burs, general equipment, orthodontic appliances, gold and porcelain. One packet makes one gallon of cleaning solution. 24/box UD030 Prosonic General Purpose Gal. 21351 Tartar & Stain Remover Use this potent stain remover on dentures, bridges, crowns and orthodontic appliances. The ready to use formula quickly breaks up and removes calculus and tartar while eliminating stains caused by tobacco and food. Use in a beaker placed inside the ultrasonic unit for best results. 1 gallon (3.8L) 1 Gal. SO-9600