Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 137 Disposables/Bibs/Masks Clinical Supplies Chrome Tray Racks Ea. Size (B) - Holds 8 Trays 141⁄ 2”W x 93⁄ 4”D x 141⁄ 8”H 300TRB-C Size (D) - Holds 8 Trays 141⁄ 2”W x 93⁄ 4”D x 141⁄ 8”H 300TRD Size (F) - Holds 6 Trays 10”W x 61⁄ 4”D x 13”H 300TRF Tray Lids Size (B) Ea. 300BB-COVR Size (F) Ea. 300FM-COVR Tidi® Poly Towel 2-Ply Poly-backed for dependable patient protection, diamond-embossed for a thicker, absorbent feel. 13”x18”. 500/pkg. Lavender 919459 White 919461 Green 919462 Blue 919463 Yellow 919464 Gray 919465 Mauve 919466 Beige 919467 Peach 919468 Teal 919470 Patient Bibs 2-Ply Horizontal embossing allows the moisture to flow horizontally across the towel, protecting the patient’s clothing. 13”x18”. 500/pkg. Blue BIB-2 Green BIB-4 Lavender BIB-10L White BIB-1 Yellow BIB-3 Pink BIB-6 Peach BIB-12P Bib Holders Front Load. Ea. 1205B Ear-Loop Mask Holder Ear-loop face mask organizer. 81/ 2” x 51/ 4” x 5”. Ea. 1212 You’ll find what you need in our full line of quality products! From lab supplies to clinical treatment products, G&H offers more than 6,000 brand-name items and precision G&H manufactured products. Order online at: Looking for clinical supplies?