Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 135 Mirrors/Disposables Clinical Supplies SureGrip™ universal photographic mirror handle is clinically functional and user friendly. Makes taking unobstructed intraoral photographs easy from any angle. Universal Photographic Mirror Handle Fully adjustable - mirror can be positioned and held at any angle. Silicone Insert • Permanently attached to head unit • Mirror locks positively in handle - will not slip • Rotates to desired angle • Fully autoclavable Tighten Loosen Mirrors engage and disengage with a twist of the handle - quick and easy Aluminum heavy-duty construction - easy to clean, anodized for long life Handle length: 4.5” Suregrip™ for Premium Glass Mirrors SGPR Suregrip™ for Stainless Steel Mirrors SGSS Components Premium glass mirror head unit SGPRH Handle only - (Fits either head) SGH Cold sterilization and dry heat sterilization not recommended Disposable Mouth Mirror 100/pkg. MMR-1 Disposable Mouth Mirror 48/pkg. 200MMR-A Defend® Plastic Cups 5 oz. - 1,000/box White DC-7000 Blue DC-7001 Mauve DC-7002 Green DC-7003 Lavender DC-7004 Archwire Marking Pencils Made with high quality beeswax tip on disposable stick which ensures mark will stay in place. It is not water soluble like crayon-based markers. 100/pkg. Red-tip Pencils AMP020 White-tip Pencils AMP020W Pop-Up Dispenser Push-button action dispenses one pencil on demand. Ea. AMD010 (Actual product style may vary from image) Topical Anesthetic Contains 20% Benzocaine for maximum pain relief. Bubble gum flavored. 1 oz. 11-31005 Topical Anesthetic Spray 20% Benzocaine, delivers fast maximum strength pain relief, ideal for deep scaling and gag relief. Wild cherry flavored - 25 straws. 2 oz. AD31000 Tidi® Plastic Cups 5 oz. - 1,000/box Lavender 9210 White 9211 Green 9212 Blue 9213 Yellow 9214 Gray 9215 Mauve 9216 Peach 9218 3.5 oz. - 1,000/box White 9241 Blue 9243 Crosstex® Cup Holder Ea. PCC