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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 134 Clinical Supplies Mirrors Photographic Mirrors - Glass G&H® Premium Glass Photographic Mirrors offer unsurpassed quality and the finest possible color and image transfer. Manufactured of 3mm float glass for distortion-free surface and double-sided coated with chromium for maximum reflective qualities. G&H® mirrors are the finest of their kind. They are compatible with autoclave sterilization. (Premium glass mirrors are warranted for 5 years against peeling only. Damage caused by misuse is not warranted, i.e. breakage, scratches, chips or staining.) Ea. Extra-Large Occlusal PRMRXL Adult Occlusal PRMRAD Child Occlusal PRMRCH Lingual PRMRLG Buccal PRMRBC Set of (4) Includes all but PRMRXL PRMRKT4 Photographic Mirrors - Stainless Steel G&H® Stainless Steel Photographic Mirrors offer the ultimate in durability. Highly polished stainless steel surfaces cannot chip, crack or peel. Double-sided for maximum life, the mirrors have polished, rounded edges for patient comfort and are compatible with autoclave sterilization. Note: sizes and shapes vary slightly from illustrations. Ea. Occlusal SSMROC Buccal SSMRBC Lingual SSMRLG Set of (3) Includes (1) of each SSMRKT3 5 5/16 in. – 13.5 cm 3 13/16 in. – 9.7 cm 3 3/16 in. – 8.2 cm 5 15/16 in. – 14.8 cm 5 7/8 in. – 14.9 cm 2 5/8 in. – 6.7 cm 2 11/16 in. – 6.8 cm 2 1/8 in. – 5.3 cm 1 3/16 in. – 3 cm 1 9/16 in. – 3.9 cm 1 5/8 in. – 4.1 cm 2 1/8 in. – 5.4 cm 3 1/2 in. 3 1/4 in. 2 1/4 in. 2 7/8 in. (Dimensions are approximate) Angled Occlusal Mirror G&H® Angled Occlusal Stainless Steel Photographic Mirrors is double-ended to accommodate both small and large patients. The mirror is angled approximately 15° to allow patient or operator to hold and keep hand out of camera view. Polished on both sides. Ea. SSMROCANG Cleaning and Sterilization Recommendations for Photographic Mirrors • Gently wash mirrors with mild hand soap using alcohol to remove greasy substances such as lipstick. • Dry the mirror with a soft cloth lightly then air dry until all moisture has evaporated. • Any spots left on mirror will not come off after heat or autoclave sterilization. If the mirror can not be cleaned right away keep it wet or covered with a wet towel. • Never place a mirror into an ultrasonic unit. • Keep the mirror out of contact with all other instruments. Wrap the mirror into a microfiber cloth or paper towel and place it in the sterilizing pouch. The wrapping will absorb any steam that builds up on the mirror inside the pouch. • Follow the sterilization recommendations as provided by the manufacturer of your sterilizer.